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Participants: Daniel J. Sandin


Chicago, IL


Since the late 1960’s Dan Sandin has developed artware systems integrating digitial + analog computers, customized circuits, home{brewed|built}-hardware, video games + virtualReality.

Sandin, a professor @ the University of Illinois at Chicago, founded the Electronic Visualization Lab (EVL), created the Sandin Image Processor (I.P.), developed the CAVE virtual reality (VR) system + various other [artware systems/technologies/projects/pieces]. Dan Sandin’s Image Processor (built from 1971 - 1973) offered artists unprecedented abilities to [create/control/affect/transform] video + audio data, enabling live audio video performances that literally set the stage for current realtime audio video art praxis. To facilitate the open release of the plans for the Image Processor as an [artware/system/toolset], Sandin + Phil Morton created the Distribution Religion. As a predecessor to the open source movement in the tradition of free software, this approach allowed artists to engage with these hardware systems + continues to [interest/inspire] [artisits/developers]. In order to honor the innovative {recent futures|parallel hystories} of the Image Processor + the Distribution Religion, criticalartware has converted the deadTree Distribution Religion into a single PDF file + a web-based version, for release to the {criticalartware} community.

criticalartware interviews Dan Sandin, [discussing/illuminating] the community + development of the early moments of video art in Chicago, artware, performing live audio video, virtual reality, open source, righteous NTSC outputs, the video revolution + the changes + similarities that [bridge/differentiate] then && now. criticalartware freely offers this interview as {text|audio|video} data to be downloaded via the interweb + exchanged as shared cultural resources.

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Date: November 1, 2005

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