ImmersiveTouch System Research Presented at Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference

Participants: Cristian J. Luciano, G. Michael Lemole, Jr., Fady Charbel


Long Beach, CA

Cristian Luciano presents the latest research in advanced medical visualization technologies and applications using the ImmersiveTouch™ System at the 14th annual Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference, Hyatt Regency Long Beach. His paper entitled, “Second Generation Haptic Ventriculostomy Simulator Using the ImmersiveTouch System” documents this work and will be presented as a part of the Surgical Simulation: Validation - Future Issues session at the conference.


Date: January 24, 2006 - January 27, 2006
3D isosurfaces: skin, skull, brain and ventricles - Cristian Luciano

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