GeoWall Demonstration at Illinois Math and Science Academy

Participants: Jason Leigh, Brian Martin


Illinois Math and Science Academy, Aurora, Illinois

Brian Martin, junior student at IMSA, and his mentor, EVL director Jason Leigh, demonstrate the GeoWall system at IMSA’s Presentation Day.

The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy® is an internationally-recognized pioneering educational institution created by the State of Illinois to develop talent and leadership in mathematics, science and technology. IMSA’s advanced residential college preparatory program enrolls 650 academically talented Illinois students in grades 10-12. Nearly 19,000 teachers and 43,000 students in Illinois and beyond have benefited from IMSA’s professional development and student enrichment programs. Located in Aurora in the high-tech corridor west of Chicago, IMSA serves the people of Illinois through innovative instructional programs, public and private partnerships, policy counsel, action research, and the leadership and achievements of its graduates.


Date: April 26, 2006
Brian Martin demonstrating the GeoWall to students and faculty at the Illinois Math and Science Academy - J. Leigh, EVL

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