Rutopia 2 Presented at the Virtual Reality SubFest, Buffalo, NY

Participants: Daria Tsoupikova

Institutions: Department of Media Study (DMS), University at Buffalo


Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, 341 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY

The virtual reality art project Rutopia 2 was presented at the Virtual Reality SubFest organized by Dave Pape and presented by Virtual Reality MicroTheatre in Buffalo, NY in conjunction with the 2006 Buffalo Infringement Festival.

This festival within a festival featured interactive, virtual reality performance, multi-media video and interactive art works in digital virtual worlds. The 3D stereo graphics were projected on a large screen and two head-mounted displays. Participants interacted with virtual worlds, live actors, and artificial intelligence characters.


Date: August 3, 2006 - August 6, 2006

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