CineGrid @ Holland Festival Project, HDTV Event

Participants: Alan Verlo, Jason Leigh, Luc Renambot, Thomas A. DeFanti


Amsterdam, San Diego, Chicago and other sites

On June 21st, EVL will participate in the HDTV performance of Era la Notte, soprano; a live feed of the 75 minute performance will be streamed from Amsterdam to EVL with an HD camera feed return to the host site of the Holland Festival. The performance will begin 1:30pm Central Time.

A 4K version of the performance will occur June 20th from Amsterdam to Calit2 at the University of California San Diego. The 4K demonstration is a point-to-point broadcast of the content, and the subsequent HDTV version will be streamed to Calit2 in San Diego and replicated into 6-10 135Mb streams for distribution to 6-10 locations in the US, Canada, and Europe. EVL will be one of the HDTV participants. The 4K will use about 500-800Mb/s and the HD will use about 135Mb/s per stream.

See for more information on the Holland Festival.

Era la Notte soprano info at:


Date: June 20, 2007 - June 21, 2007
B. Lopez-Silva

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