MFA AnnMarie Cernoch Receives Provost’s Award for Graduate Research

Participants: AnnMarie Cernoch

Electronic Visualization Laboratory

EVL MFA candidate AnnMarie Cernoch is awarded the UIC Graduate College’s support under the Spring 2008 Provost’s Award for Graduate Research for her thesis project entitled, Replication of System, 2008.

Replication of System, 2008 is an interactive kinetic sculpture creating a spatial circuit through user input from contact sensors extended in space and attached to surfaces it occupies. A replication system represents the flow of information, which is expressed via electrical impulses to a central core. Vine-like appendages radiating from the sculpture take on the function of sound sensitive ears to interactively communicate with its audience.

The generous support provided by the UIC Graduate College’s Provost award will contribute to the refinement and expansion of Ms. Cernoch’s thesis research.


Date: April 21, 2008 - May 23, 2008
Replication of System, 2008 - A. Cernoch, EVL

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