Pacific Rim International University lecture at Osaka University

Participants: Jason Leigh


Osaka University, Japan

Jason Leigh delivers a lecture to Osaka University students titled: Global Cyber-Commons: Supporting Global Collaborative Research, Development and Education using Cyber-Infrastructure-Enhanced Environments.

This Pacific Rim International UniverSity (PRIUS) project is promoted by Osaka University, and resulted from the acceptance of the project proposal to the educational program structured by MEXT in 2005, “The Promotion Program of internationalization in University Education.” The goal of the project is the nurturing of human resources who have the ability to head up a team of researchers and scientists with strong leadership and then contribute to the advancement in 21st science and technology from a global perspective. Also, the establishment of an educational program for achieving the goal is aimed through international collaboration with oversea universities and scientific institutions. In particular, the educational program focuses on the interdisciplinary area of information science and other science such as life science.

Lecture Abstract:
Thinking and working globally is now more than ever, crucial in research, education and business. Today’s most challenging problems, such as Global Warming, can only be solved through the collaboration of experts from a broad range of fields and the fusion of enormous and disparate pieces of information derived from modern cyber-infrastructure. The concept of Cyber-Commons derives from the traditional notion of a “Commons” - a publicly shared space in which people can socialize. By creating computationally enhanced Commons spaces we envision a new way for people to work together that allows them to interact with information derived from cyber-infrastructure and with one another over great distances.


Date: July 1, 2008 - July 2, 2008
Jason Leigh, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Director, EVL - J. Leigh, EVL

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