2008 iCORE Banff Summit

Participants: Jason Leigh

URL: http://www.icore.ca/summit/summit08

Banff, Canada

Jason Leigh delivers keynote speech at the iCORE (Informatics Circle of Research Excellence) Summit.

The 2008 iCORE Banff Summit: iCORE’s goal for this Banff Summit is to explore how Collaboration, Visualization, and Interaction can solve some of the issues that have come up these last 20 years thanks to the “information big bang”; the exponential explosion of data the world has experienced. Information produced in multiple media in recent years far exceeds the information contained in all print documents up until this time. Among the greatest scientific challenges of the 21st century will be to develop systems allowing people to effectively understand and make use of this vast amount of multimedia information being produced.

Keynote abstract:
Global Cyber-Commons
Thinking and working globally is now more than ever, crucial in research, education and business. Today’s most challenging problems can only be solved through the collaboration of a broad range of experts and organizations, and the fusion of enormous and disparate pieces of information. Global Cyber-Commons seek to facilitate persistent collaboration that involves face-to-face communication and rich information exploration, that is only possible through the use of advanced cyber-infrastructure. The keynote will describe both the technology and its application in research and education.

Email: spiff@uic.edu

Date: August 20, 2008 - August 24, 2008

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