Lightwave: Defy the Darkness

Participants: Julio Obelleiro, Alberto Garcia; Medialab-Prado


Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

EVL MFA candidate, Julio Obelleiro and collaborator Alberto Garcia exhibit their interactive artwork The Magic Torch at The Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland in the Lightwave: Defy the Darkness exhibition.

Created during Interactivos? 06 at Medialab-Prado, Spain - “The Magic Torch” was developed by Obelleiro and Garcia with support from Medialab organizers, instructors and participants.

Tne Magic Torch is used to paint hundreds of small stars, planets, asteroids and unusual shapes through the torch’s beam of light onto a large projection screen. Participants playfully interact with the surface to choreograph fantastical and magical spaces.

Widely exhibited since its development in 2006, The Magic Torch is a part of the permanent collection of the CosmoCaixa Science Museum in Madrid.

For more information on The Magic Torch and Play the Magic artists’ collective see


Date: January 23, 2009 - February 20, 2009
The Magic Torch displayed at The White Night (Madrid 07) - J. Obelleiro, EVL

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