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Italian, working in Chicago, USA


Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, USA, School of Art and Design and the Electronic Visualization Laboratory;

Professor, Master in Multimedia, University of Florence, Italy;

Art Director and production coordinator for F.A.B.R.I.CATORS, an interdisciplinary group concerned with the integration of Technology+Communication+Art+Design. The group carries out research activities in the artistic and technological fields.

With the incorporation of Franz Fischnaller, (F.F.) at the University of Illinois at Chicago  School of Art and Design & Electronic Visualization Laboratory, additional strength is given to the integration of art, design and technology. The school has already made interesting integration of these major fields but now they are intensifying the program, production, researches and events related to this trinomial.


Franz Fischnaller carries out productions and research activities in the artistic and technological fields. F.F. likes to use the Digital media to developed new ways of creation, to extend and enrich his creativity, the culture, the intangibility and versatile of the Arts. His interest is not limited by using one specific type of instrument, media or technology, or to carrying out only technological innovations. He likes to overlap Art, functionality and fantasy by developing revolutionary works on an artistic-conceptual level, in which naturally, technology plays and active role.

In the last five years F. F. had performed different roles such us author, producer, curator, designer, professor and project coordinator. He had the opportunity to work within diverse fields and   cover different experiences, which allowed me to have a broader view on the issue of production, organisation, creation, and development.

For two years 1998 and 1999 F.F. was Director and Curator of "Virtuality and Interactivity", the International Exhibit of Multi Media Art and Applied Research of MediArtech (Digital Renaissance). MediArtech is a yearly international multimedia show dedicated to cultural heritage, the arts and performing arts, promoted by the Region of Tuscany/Italy and organized by the Tuscany Hi Tech Network in Italy.


Between 1998 and 1999 F.F. was the principal designer and project developer of the new Interactive Art Centre, Cordoba, Spain, CICOV, (Centro Interactivo Cordoba Virtual).

Fischnaller+F.A.B.R.I.CATORS have produced diverse interactive installations. As well as had work in collaboration with various institutions such us:  EVL (Electronic Visualisation Lab) Illinois University at Chicago, USA; Asociaciˇn Plan EstratÚgico de Cˇrdoba, Spain; Centro Enrico Piaggio, University of Pisa, Italy; Laboratoy Eidomatica-University of Milan; Regione Toscana and Rete Toscana dell'Alta Tecnologia., Gruppo Gema (Ecology&Technology-Amazonas),  The Berliner Festspiele GmbH (Germany) , Tuscany Regional Office, Italy, City of Florence.


Among other places his work has been exhibited in the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin/Germany; Siggraph 95, 96 & 97, 99 (USA), ImaginÓ'95,'98, 2000; Robotix '97, (UK); ArtFutura Madrid, Sevilla '98,99; Salon B.I.T. Torino; Virtuality&Interactivity, Mediartech '97, 98, 99, (Florence, Italy), Isea 97; Ars Electronica Festival '97,99 (Austria), Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Rome-Italy), Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnica "Leonardo da Vinci" Milan/Italy; Ontario Science Center, Canada; MediArtech- Florence/Italy, and diverse Art-galleries in Europe and USA.

Franz Fischnaller is the winner of the Foreign Title Award in the Theatre and Exhibition Section - Multimedia Grand Prix'97, Japan. For the interactive piece: Multi Mega Book in the Cave. He had received Interactive Art Mention Prize: Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, for the interactive piece, Lautriv Chromagnon Medusa in 1995 and the Interactive Art Mention Prize: Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, for the interactive piece,"Robots Avatars dealing with Virtual Illusions" in 1997.


Franz Fischnaller is the author of:
    Multi Mega Book in the Cave

"The shift from the printed+book to the electronic text+digital skin". VR full-inmersive-interactive installation with high-resolution stereoscopic images. The user experiences, and creatively interacts with two revolutionary moments of human history and experiences: the shift between the Renaissance and the Electronic Age integrated into one unique environment.

    Lautriv Chromagnon Medusa

Interactive sculpture: virtual reality+3Dstereoscopic Vision+3D sound&holophonic effects.

    L'Ultima Cena Interattiva

Virtual Reality interactive journey into the Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece.

    Interactive Cyber Necktie

An interactive graphic installation through which the user can create and produce, in real time, his own personalized cyber cravat. The installation can be connected to a network.

    "Renaissance Interactive Painting

An interactive navigable "maxi" painting composed of the details of more than 22 renaissance art pieces through which the visitor can explore the realms of the Renaissance's art.

    "Robots avatars dreaming with virtual illusions"

This installation integrates virtual Reality, multimedia, robotics, telepresence with a high esthetical content as well as suggestive and enigmatic interaction.

    Nem's City

Multimedia interactive piece. A journey through the Renaissance to the 2000.

    Tracking the Net

Motion Tracking and Virtual Reality, a collective interactive installation. Tracking the Net has been designed to host interactive teams. Visitor's can freely interact and navigate within the virtual environments by touching, pulling, stretching the "Net".

    KALI "The Goddess of the Millennium"

An interactive Installation produced ad hoc for the Berliner Festspiele GmbH in Germany, for the exhibition "Seven Hills - Images and Signs of the 21st Century".

    The Gutenberg-Printing-Press

The visitor can navigate and interact with the different tools of the epoch, grab the movable type, compose it into the printing-frame place it under and PRINT virtually!

    Pinocchio Interactive

A dynamic installation, which integrates: robotic, animation, digital fantasy and interactivity. It is a ludicrous experience, which is filled with surprises, tricks and wizards of the life of Pinocchio in the version 2000.

Creative musical and visual stereo virtual reality environment design for multi-user platform. Sounds is a stereo virtual reality application, a musical/visual, creative environment, design for a multi-user interface platform that combines motion capture and virtual reality. Sounds host interactive teams, which can experience a shared environment in local and in remote locations.
    Planet S.R.A.M.

Real Time VR Stereo piece. Planet S.R.A.M. is a narrative stereo virtual reality environment associating digital and sounds effects, design for multi-user platform. The theme relates to a social discourse of the actual human condition.







Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden KŘnste, Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, Germany, Freie Graphic (equivalent to Master of Fine Arts (MFA);  


Istituto d'Arte delle Localitß Ladine, (BZ), Italy, Diploma for Applied Arts;  


Istituto d'Arte di Ortisei (BZ), Italy. Diploma Maestro d'Arte, Plastic Arts and Painting.  




Languages: German, Italian, English and Spanish.  




Foundation of Science and Culture of Baden WŘrtenberg, Germany, 1979-1984.  







Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago - School of Art and Design and the Electronic Visualization Laboratory.  


Professor of the UniversitÓ degli Studi di Firenze (University of Florence, Italy), at the Master of Multimedia, supported by the RAI, the national Italian TV organization of Italy.  


Professor, Technique Application Plastic Arts, High School of Rio Pusteria, Bressanone (BZ) Italy.  




Courses Spring 2002


Advanced Electronic Visualization and Critique  


Special Topics in Art and Design
TA Keith Miller
Modelling in Maya for Interactive Applications, an introduction to the 3D graphics and animation package Maya to create interactive applications, animations, simulations and more. The course is divided in two sections: beginners and advanced.




Courses Fall 2001


Interaction Design II
Focus in the art of creating innovative and compelling experience in advanced 2D and 3D methods and in the design of interactive products and artistic work, on and off line


Special Topics in Art and Design
TA Keith Miller
Modelling in Maya for Interactive Applications, an introduction to the 3D graphics and animation package Maya to create interactive applications, animations, simulations and more.




Courses Spring 2001


Special Topics in Art and Design
TA Keith Miller
Modelling in Maya for Interactive Applications, an introduction to the 3D graphics and animation package Maya to create interactive applications, animations, simulations and more.


Computer Art + Design  







VR-Interactive Installations


Planet S.R.A.M.


KALI the "Goddess of the Millennium"
Tracking the Net

Pinocchio Interactive


Robots Avatars Dreaming with Virtual Illusions  


Multi Mega Book in the CAVE«
L'ultima cena Interattiva
Renaissance Interactive Painting


Interactive Cyber Necktie
Lautriv Chromagnon Medusa
Lautriv's mirror (telepresence)
The Soul of the Network
Lautriv's Karma
Lautriv's City

Medusa's Myth










"Viaggio Nel Tempo", is a digital video production with animation and digital effects, accomplishes for the fashion designer Chiara Boni and sponsored by L Oreal.
The production synthesized 15 years of the Italian stylist in Milan, Italy; "Toscana uno spazio per sognare", digital video production, animation and special digital effects, produced for the Giunta Regionale Toscana Firenze, Italia to project all cultural and artistic production of the region of Florence toward Japan, giving strong relevance to the production Pinocchio Interactive. Florence, Italy;
"The Creation...Die Sch÷pfung...La Creazione is
a digital production and interpretative simulation of the frescos of the couple of Della Collegiata di San Candido originally from the 1290, Bolzano, Italy.






"Saint Thomas of Aquinas", hypermedia production accomplished for the Polytechnic of Milan for the presentation of the CD "Saint Thomas of Aquinas", by Father Busa, presented by Umberto Eco.


"Renaissance Painting", hypermedia production that articulates more than 45 details extracted from diverse Renaissance paintings, assembled in one unique multimedia interactive painting.


"Sensations", multimedia interactive installation. Projection with interactive crystals as interfaces. Produced for the "Caves of Les Boix", France.











Interactive Art Centre of Cordoba, Spain: CICOV (Centro Interactivo Cordoba Virtual).  




  2000/1995 "Kali Animation"
"The creation"
"Virtual Remembrances"
"Lautriv Nem"









  2000/1995 Multi Mega Book Architectonic Version

Amazonas Project

Space wing

Musical installation

Multi Media Painting

Cyber Dance

The Brain

Virtual Restaurant

Interactive fashion

Passeggiata Verdiana

Verdi Virtuale


Meta Marketing



Interactive Marketing





Cosmos, SŘdtiroler Bildungszentrum, Bozen, Italy;

Trone,  SŘdtiroler Bildungszentrum, Bozen, Italy;

Scotsman info-point sculpture, Scotsman Italy - Interactive Media



Multi Mega Book Multimedia-Architectonic version, ZKM Medienmuseum, Karlsruhe, Germany;

Multi Mega Book Digital interactive version. Prototype I, ZKM Medienmuseum, Karlsruhe, Germany;

Saint Thomas of Aquinas, hypermedia production, Polytechnic of Milan, Italy - VR&Interactive Media



-Robots Avatars Dreaming, Phase I, F.A.B.R.I.CATORS, Italy; Tuscany Hi Tech Network, Italy;

Tracking the Net, Phase I, F.A.B.R.I.CATORS, Italy; Tuscany Hi Tech Network, Italy;

Pinocchio Interactive, Phase I, F.A.B.R.I.CATORS, Italy; Tuscany Hi Tech Network, Italy;

"KALI The Goddess of the Millennium, The Berliner Festspiele GmbH (Germany) - Digital Media



"Viaggio Nel Tempo", Fashion designer Chiara Boni . Sponsored by L Oreal.

"Toscana uno spazio per sognare". The Giunta Regionale Toscana Firenze, Italia

"The Creation ... Die Sch÷pfung , Museum della Collegiata di San Candido Bolzano, Italy.

    Design /Architecture  
  1999/1998 The new Interactive Art Centre of Cordoba-Spain. CICOV. (Centro Interactivo Cordoba Virtual), Design development, Phase I. - Asociaciˇn Plan EstratÚgico de Cˇrdoba and   Ayuntamiento de Cˇrdoba, Spain.  


    Direction of International Conferences and Workshops  


Virtuality&Interactivity/Digital Renaissance II, international conference, Florence, Italy, financed by the Region of Tuscany and the Tuscany Hi Tech Network, Italy.  


Virtuality&Interactivity/Digital Renaissance I, international conference, Florence, Italy, financed by the Region of Tuscany and the Tuscany Hi Tech Network, Italy.  


    Direction of International Exhibits  


Virtuality&Interactivity/Digital Renaissance II , International Exhibit of Digital Art andApplied Research, Florence, Italy, financed by the Region of Tuscany and the Tuscany Hi Tech Network, Italy.  


Virtuality&Interactivity/Digital Renaissance I , International Exhibit of Digital Art andApplied Research, Florence, Italy, financed by the Region of Tuscany and the Tuscany Hi Tech Network, Italy.  


    Curator and Director  


Virtuality&Interactivity - Net Art -special issue of "Ingenium" within the e-What? Project.Ingenium is a quatrimestral hard copy and online magazine. The Magazine will have five extraordinary edition with five diverse curators:

"The conquest of the Time" by Derrick De Kerchkove, digital media theorist, Professor of the McLuhan Programme, Toronto University, Canada;
"Conquest of the Space" by Pierre Levi, Philosopher/digital media theorist, staff member of the Department of Hypermedia University of Paris, France;
by Alessandro Diotallevi, University of Rome, Italy;"E-economy" by Prof. Giuliano Bianchi, cultural and digital media theorist, Prof. in Siena University, Italy;
"Virtuality& Interactivity; Net -Art"
by the digital artist Franz Fischnaller, Prof. at The University of Illinois at Chicago, Art  Consulent of F.A.B.R.I.CATORS, Italy.


"INGENIUM" monographic edition is part of the project e-What? The Net, Society and Democracy. Te concept is to foster ideas about the Net from all the other viewpoints: philosophy, politics, sociology, economy, art and so forth (reincarnation of the Digital Renaissance concept). The magazine should be the trigger for activating a process leading to an annual international convention and to the founding of a study centre passing through seminars, workshops, courses, etc.
e-What Project
is an idea of Prof. Giuliano Bianchi and Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA, supports it. Engineering is the largest informatics company in Italy.



Gallery Advisor for NOEMA.  NOEMA is a website devoted to culture-new technologies interrelations and influences. "Culture" also means "habits", "lifestyles", "communications", "art", "society", "economy", "media", "philosophy", while "new technologies" should be intended in a broader meaning than the digital realm. Bologna, Italy.  


Director and Curator of "Virtuality&Interactivity" The International Exhibit of Multi Media Art and applied research of MediArtech (Digital Renaissance). MediARTech is a yearly international multimedia show dedicated to cultural heritage, the arts and performing arts, promoted by the Region of Tuscany and the Tuscany Hi Tech Network in Italy.  


"Virtuality&Interactivity - Digital Renaissance I " international exhibit and symposium in Fortezza da Basso Della Grotta and Ottagonale rooms, Florence. 26 -29 March 1998.  


Virtuality&Interactivity - Digital Renaissance II " in the "Ex Stazione Leopolda", Piazzale di Porta al Prato. Florence, Italy. 26-30 May 1999.  


Designer and Project Advisor of the new Interactive Art centre of Cordoba-Spain.CICOV. (Centro Interactivo Cordoba Virtual).  







Member of the Application Board of ICVS'2001, the International Conference on Virtual Storytelling, Avignon, Provence, France, on September 27-28, 2001.  
    Member of the International Programme Committee of AFRIGRAPH 2001, AG2001 the 1st International   Conference on Virtual Reality, Computer Graphics and Visualization in Southern Africa, Cape Town, South Africa, July 2001.  


Jury of Prix Italia, web prize 1999, Florence, Italy.  


Member of the jury of Millia ‘99, Paris, France.  







Selected to be part of the Crossover Team - Studio A. Web Lab, a non-profit new media lab/think-tank that creates innovative, interactive projects that demonstrate how the Web can make a lasting impact on people and society, organized Crossover. Marc Weiss, the creator of the celebrated public TV series P.O.V. and a long-time leader in the independent film community founded web Lab in 1997.

Among the objectives of Crossover: is to combine collaborative experimentation, to explore the rich capabilities of new media: interactivity, the organic, perpetually evolving nature of the medium, the liberation from linear time, the aesthetics of sampling, and much more. To create provocative, transformative experiences between people, objects, and ideas? To what extent can powerful, shared spaces be developed that provoke response and enable action? Focusing on developing concepts/proposals/ dialogues for new projects that explore interactivity beyond the limits of the expected, the ordinary, and the     practical. The expectation is to produce range of projects will result. Some will be conceived to reach a wide audience and have strong commercial potential, and some will take greater creative risks, relying on sponsorships, foundation support, and/or non-profit funding.

WEBLab count with the following Core Advisory Group, supporting Organization and founders:Rockefeller Foundation, The Howard Gilman Foundation Sundance Institute, Directors Guild of America, Banff New Media Institute, The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Art Byte, The Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers, Creative Capital, The Film Arts Foundation, The Independent Feature Project (IFP), Independent Television Service (ITVS), New York New Media Association (NYNMA), RESFEST, Rhizome, Silicon Alley Reporter, Thundergulch, World Wide Web Artists Consortium (WWWAC).

For Crossover contest WEB Lab count with the following jury and collaborators:Allison Anders (Gas Food Lodging; Mi Vida Loca), Michael Apted (42 Up; The World is Not Enough; Coal Miner's Daughter), Barbara Kopple (Wild Man Blues; My Generation; Oz) David Lynch (The Straight Story; Lost Highway; Blue Velvet; Twin Peaks; Dune) John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) Rob Nilsson, (Northern Lights; Chalk) Douglas Rushkoff    (Coercion; Playing the Future; Media Virus) Penelope Spheeris, (Wayne's World; Senseless; The Decline of Western Civilization), Robert Townsend (Hollywood Shuffle), Eric Zimmerman ( Founder & CEO of GameLab; Adjunct Professor, MIT & NYU; artist), Katie Salen (Associate Professor, interactive design, University of Texas), Eric Zimmerman (Founder & CEO of GameLab; Adjunct Professor, MIT & NYU; artist), Tommy Pallotta (Independent film producer, Waking Life, Figures of Speech, Snack & Drink, Roadhead).


Interactive Art Mention Prize for Prix Ars Electronica, Ars Electronic Center, Linz, Austria, for "Robots Avatars Dealing with Virtual Illusions".  


Foreign Title Award in the Theatre and Exhibition Multimedia Grand Prix'97, Japan, for the "Multi Mega Book in the CAVE";  


Interactive Art Mention Prize: Prix Ars Electronica at Ars Electronic Center, Linz, Austria, for the Project Lautriv Chromagnon Medusa.  







Artist in residence in AEC, Ars Electronica, Linz (Future Museum) Austria, and adaptation of the Multi Mega Book for the CAVE-Linz.  


Artist in residence in EVL, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA, development and design of the interactivity of the Multi Mega Book in the Cave (Virtual Reality Version).  


Artist in residence in ZKM|Medienmuseum, Karlsruhe, Germany, development of the prototype of the Multi Mega Book (multimedia version).  







"Viaggio Nel Tempo", Show Room Chiara Boni, Milano, October 2001;  


"Toscana uno spazio per sognare", screening and presentation in the Tuscany Region presidential Salon, Florence, Italy.  


"Toscana uno spazio per sognare", screening and presentation in the gallery of the Italian Embassy in Tokyio, Japan;  


"The Creation... Die Sch÷pfung ... La creazione", opening and presentation, Museo della Collegiata. Permanent installation in the Museo della Collegiata, Bolzano, Italy;  


Invited artist to expose all the digital production in the VIRTUAL ART DATABASE at the Department of Art History, Humboldt-University Berlin, and an international archive of virtual art.  A high-capacity Internet database, able to accommodate large numbers of users is being developed in cooperation with the university s computer centre and multimedia service. The project is officially cooperating with international institutions like CaiiA (U.K.), Banff Centre (Canada), IAMAS (Japan), Paris8 (France), ZKM (Germany), GMD (Germany) and Rhizome (world).  


"Seven Hills Images and Signs of the 21st Century" Martin Gropius-Bau Berlin.Germany;  


Festival Internacional de Video y Multimedia de Canarias, Spain;  


Festival WRO 2000 - Wroclaw, Poland;  


"Virtuality and Interactivity II" - Mediartech '99, Florence-Italy;  


SIGGRAPH'99, Los Angeles, USA;  


ARS Electronic Center Festival, AEC Linz, Austria;  


I&T Culture, Ministry of Culture and IBM Foundation, Rome, Italy.  


Virtuality &Interactivity - MediARTech' 98, Florence, Italy;  


Imagina'98, Montecarlo-France;  


Art Futura'98, Sevilla-Spain;  


Coscienza Luccicante'98 Palazzo dell'Esposizione , Rome-Italy;  


SIGGRAPH'97, Los Angeles, USA;  


ARS Electronic Center Festival, Linz, Austria;  


ISEA, Chicago;  


ART-FUTURA, Madrid, Spain;  


Salon B.I.T, Lingotto, Torino, Italy;  


MediARTech, Castle of Fortezza Da Basso, Florence, Italy;  


Vrais'97, USA, video film of "Last Supper Interactive in Cave";  


Robotix'97, Edinburgh, UK;  


Interfaces, Montpellier, France.  


Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica, Leonardo Da Vinci, Milano, Italy;  


Vente Electronic Theatre, Fujita Research, Tokyio, Japan;  


Museo Civico di Chiusa, BZ, Italy;  


ISEA, Rotterdam, Holland;  


Eurographic's 96, Futuroscope, Poitier, France;  


Siggraph 96, New Orleans, USA;  


MediARTech'96, Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy;  


Research Center -Centro Volta, Como, Italy;  


Vrais' 96, IEEE Virtual Reality Annual International Symposium, Santa Clara, CA, USA.  


VogagueVirtuale, Paris, France;  


Multimedia, Scotsman installation: Europe, USA, Orient;  


Politecnico di Milano, Italy;  


Siggraph 95, Los Angeles, USA;  


Le Zitelle, New Europe, Venice Biennale, Italy;  


Imagina'95, Montecarlo, France.  


Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo Da Vinci, Innovation Gallery, Milan, Italy;  


Art-Tech, Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, Canada;  


ZKM|Mediamuseum, Karlsruhe, Germany;  


NOA Gallery, Milan, Italy;  


Media Park, Cologne, Germany;  


Electronic CafŔ, Documenta IX. Kassel, Germany.  








Selected One-Person Exhibition:  


Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica, Leonardo Da Vinci, Milano/Italy;
Franz Fischnaller - l'Ultima cena - multimedia presentation, conference with 5 experts to speak about the work;


Museo Civico di Chiusa, BZ/Italy;
Franz Fischnaller - Uptodates 96 - exhibition of 12 paintings, 2 interactive sculptures, 1 animation and a multimedia art-presentation, brochure;


NOA Gallery, Milan, Italy;
Franz Fischnaller - Cravatta Virtuale - exhibition of 10 silk-printings, 2 interactive sculptures, 10 paintings and a multimedia art-projection;


Galleria Goethe, Bolzano, Italy
Franz Fischnaller - UPTODATES - exhibition of 12 paintings, 5 drawings and 8 Unicats;


Diecidue Arte, Milano, Italy
Franz Fischnaller - Dall'Ultima Cena, exhibition of 10 paintings, 5 Unicats, 3 sculptures, Catalogue;


Galleria Caixa, Sevilla, Ceuta, Spagna
Franz Fischnaller - Sevilla - exhibition of 10 paintings, 20 drawings, artistic flyer;


Gallerie Elefant, Hall in Tirol, Austria,
Franz Fischnaller - Uptodates - exhibition of 15 paintings, 2 sculptures and 10 drawings,


Spazio espositivo Thoss-Kestler-Brandt, Franfurt, Germany
Franz Fischnaller - Uptodates - exhibition of 18 paintings;


Studio Conte Barrozi, Milano, Italy,
Franz Fischnaller - Paesaggio - exhibition of 7 paintings and 10 prints;


Tower Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany
Franz Fischnaller - Uptodates - exhibition of 15 paintings;


Progetto DLH, Gallerie Goethe, Bolzano, Italy
Franz Fischnaller - DLH-Project conclusion - exhibition of 25 paintings, 1 multimedia projection, video.


Ragenhaus Museum, Brunico, Italy
Franz Fischnaller - Sahara - exhibition of 15 watercolours, 10 etchings and 2 paintings;


Gallery Lajan, Laion, Italy
Franz Fischnaller - Oracolo - exhibition of 3 painting and 20 drawings;


Gallery Goethe, Bolzano, Italy
Franz Fischnaller - Stato - DLH-Project Presentation, multimedia exhibit and 10 mixed techniques;


Galleria Museo, Bolzano, Italy
Franz Fischnaller - NewYork to Lajen - exhibition of 20 painting and 10 mixed techniques;


Galleria Athesia, Brunico, Italy
Franz Fischnaller - NewYork - exhibition of 20 Unicats and 7 mixed techniques;


Gallery Kunstladen, Bressanone, Italy
Franz Fischnaller - Homage a Berthold Brecht - Theatre-performance and exhibition of 10 mixed techniques and 8 drawings;




Selected group Exhibition:  


Castel Mareccio, Bolzano, Italy
"Forum und Gestaltung in Kunst und Design", Forum internazionale;


IV. Salone Internazionale di Architettura, Milano, Italy"Art and Architecture";  


Gallery Stradella, Milano, Italy."Planetaria", rassegna internazionale di espressioni artistiche avanzate;  


Fiera Internazionale d'Arte, Basel, Swizzerland,  "Art 21'90";  


Primo Piano Gallery, Milano, Italy, "Gioco  di Forze"  


Museo d'Arte Moderna, Bolzano, Italy, "Suedtiroler Kunstszene"  


Museum Gallery, Bolzano, Italy, "Panorama &Panorama"  


Gallery of the city of Funes, BZ,  Italy, "Kunstszene Geisler";  


Stadttheater, Ulm, Germany, "Szenen aus Baal"  


Sala del Pellegrino Exhibit Hall, Viterbo, Italy  


Museum Palazzo Bianco, Genova, "Omaggio a Camillo Sbarbaro"  


Centro Culurale de Bordighera, Italy, La storia del uomo I"  


Rotta Gallery, Genova, "La storia del uomo II"  


Museum Kunstverein, Ulm, Germany, "Klasse von Prof. Grau"  








Electronic Media  


TRISPACEQUEST, Digital Interactive Centre, Madrid, Spain. Coordinate by Trispace VR, Spain;  


VSMM2001 Mini Theatre; UC Berkeley, USA;  


VSMM2001 Compilation Video; UC Berkeley, USA;  


Mediarama, Electronic Art.  Centro Andaluz de arte Contemporßneo, Sevilla, Spain;  











Creative uses of projection systems: Tracking the Net, Kali, Pinocchio Interactive, Robots Avatars.
IPT, Immersive Projection Technology (IPT) Symposium, March 24 & 25, 2002 - Marriott Hotel, Orlando - Florida


'Actual state of Electronic Art in Europe - Financial Support by the European Institutions'.  MEDIARAMA, Seville, Spain;  


'Tracking the Net'. VSMM2001, Virtual Systems and Multimedia, University of California Berkeley, USA;  


'Kali -The Goddess of the Millennium, VSMM2001, Virtual Systems and Multimedia, University of California Berkeley, USA;  


Virtual Heritage Colloquium, VSMM2001, Virtual Systems and Multimedia, University of California Berkeley, USA;  


Spirituality & Technology, Colloquium, North-Western University, Evanston, Chicago;  


Intangible architectures  "Emotional Architectures/Cognitive Armatures Cognitive Science in Interactive Design" The Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada;  


'Interactive Design  MEDICI Framework, Education "Nuovi media per la comunicazione , Politecnico di Milano, Milan/Italy;  


'The Digital Renaissance, Academy of Art, Florence, Italy;  


'The invisible takes shape'.  Conference of the Italian Association of Communication Italy AssoComunicazione, Agencies, Sardinia, Italy;  


'Producing an interactive culture guide for the city of Florence, the aesthetic of the art and its digital value', UniversitÓ degli Studi di Firenze, Florence, Italy;  


Art & Technology Colloquium, North-Western University, Evanston, Chicago, USA.  


Virtual Realism, Imagina 2000, Montecarlo-France;  


VR&Virtual Remmebrances Festival WRO 2000, Wroclaw, Poland;  


Cinema and Virtual Reality, Monumedia'2000, Naples, Italy.  


Virtuality, Mediartech '99, Florence, Italy;  


And what is it that makes it art? And other party killers from the 20-year history of ArsElectronica Symposium Ars Electronica 79-99 - Linz, Austria;  


Virtual Heritage in Mediterranean Countries, Festival Mediaterra, Athens, Greece;  


Multi Mega Book, Bologna Festival, University of Bologna, Italy& AEC, Ars Electronic Center.  


Art Futura'98, Seville-Spain;  


MediARTech, Digital Renaissance'98, Florence, Italy;  


Monumedia, Napoli, Italy.  










Publications & Writings about Franz Fischnaller  




Information Arts: Intersections of Art, Science and Technology, by Stephen Wilson, MIT, Press/ Leonardo Books, November 2001;  


L'immagine multimediale  by Marini Daniele, Addison Wesley,  december 2001;  


Corpi Sognanti, L'arte nell' epoca delle tecnologie digitali  by Tauti Lorenzo, Feltrinelli, ,   May 2001 Italy.  


Manual, TÚcnicas de Infografia: Variables creativas metodolˇgicas en el desarrollo de la imagen digital  by Vi˝as Limonchi, McGraw-Hill Interamericana de Espa˝a, S.A.U. Madrid, 2001.  


Vi˝as Limonchi Manuel, Actuaciones de Diseno McGraw-Hill Interamericana de Espa˝a, S.A.U.  Madrid. (Publication 2002);  




Catalogues (Under construction)  


Carmelo Strano (a c.di) La Nuova Europa, Venezia1995 (cat.), Editore L'epos, Palermo, 1995;  


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Identifying the nature of the aesthetics and the electronic visualization tendencies in the Virtual Reality artistic productions. This research deals with the analysis and study of the actual aesthetic principles and the diverse tendencies and forms of visualization in electronic media, circumscribed to the virtual reality artistic field.

Among the research questions of this study, we can mention the following:
Who is doing what?  What are the principles of aesthetics that the authors are using? Is there a specific canon of aesthetics or individual styles in the virtual reality art field and what are they?    What style and parameter of visualization is being used? Does there exist a specific visualization tendency or individual style in the virtual reality art field? What are these systems of visualization?

This research is intended to define the parameters of aesthetics and techniques of visualization in the virtual reality artistic field, as well as to design a method and an analytical framework, even if rudimentary, that permits the analysis of a virtual art piece within its own principles and codes of representation, focusing on the visualization systems and the nature of the aesthetics.

The final results of this study will help to clarify key interrogatives related to the VR artistic field and to become a point of departure for further analysis and discussion among scholars, as well as a referential study for the development of parallel or similar research in   field of interest. These results will become a study reference and a practical analytical framework in the field of VR /Art, useful for art students, young authors, artists and producers. It will also benefit specialists, critics, journalists, scholars and professionals in the field. The final result of this investigation will serve to inspire articles, papers, conferences, workshops, and publications. Consideration is also being given to publication of a book.

Countless and invaluable studies have been carried out on   a specific historical period in diverse sectors of art.  Generally these studies provide an analytical framework that permits the understanding and learning of that reality to a large and extended community. We have knowledge regarding the systems of visualization, the aesthetics and the eighteenth or the nineteenth centuries, the conception of the perspective of the renaissance, the innovation of the impressionist, the expressionist phenomena, etc, but must delve into the relation to the canon of proportion, the visualization systems and the aesthetic of in the emerging art of virtual reality.  Major research and books exist related to digital media, often specializing in the innovation of the technology, the interactivity and application of the technology itself, but not too much focus on the aesthetic principles and the visualization systems in the virtual reality productions.










"L'impiatto Termale di Littamum" Virtual Reality application of the archaeological Site: "L'impiatto Termale di Littamum" for the Museum "Della Collegiata", Bolzano, Italy. This archeological site   is a discovery within the Italian Alps and dates more than 2.000 years ago. The discovery if of outmost relevance because is probably the highest one until now found. The final work will be a permanent interactive installation in the Museum della Collegiata.  


"SENSES" Senses....senses.... senses....senses... Senses....senses....
SENSES is a virtual piece which interprets and represents the diverse stages, and ages of the life and the art of an author. A journey form the present to the remote past. Sort of a 3D stereo interactive visual and sonorous art diary. Travels, styles and this work of Senses spilled over into drawings, watercolours, engravings, oil paintings, acrylic, sculpture, metal, wood &mixed techniques.

How a drawing carried out thirty years earlier, could be revitalized by the use of virtual reality-- the form, the colours and the strength of the brush could be converted into an ally in the virtual, organic and live ambience. The sound and the visual world inter-cross in intrinsic variations permitting the carrying out of a sort of diary, maybe contemplative, interactive and penetrable.






"Cloning SENSES Cloning Senses" is part of a series of 2D and 3D art digital pieces which deals with thematic such as cloning, remembrances, genes, technology, identity, privacy, fear, individuality, networking.

The act of communicating and projecting ourselves is undergoing radical changes, the possibility to experience the intangible increases, the invisible takes form. In the  "Post Realistic Age" the invisible is no longer formless.
We are there, not physically, nevertheless you are there in real-time. You are a presence regardless your own body, you don't see anyone physically in the   space you occupy nevertheless, someone is there.

The emerging technology has contributed to this new reality. This means new forms of perceiving, of communicating, of reacting, of sharing, of thinking, of existing and co-existing in this new environment where the intangible takes form and the conception of matter vanishes to give space to a new type of imagination and of art making.

"The Post-Realistic Age" Is the most likely definition to entitle our present, or at least I think so.
We are living today what was defining some years ago, science fiction.  What was science fiction of our recent past is our reality today. The parameters of our existence are radically changing. Therefore a new question emerges. What is science fiction today? Where do we stand?   There is something within the  "real" and the  "imaginary? What happen after the fiction becoming reality? What's next?

Through "Cloning Senses" I am interested to grasp the essence of  " The Post-Realistic Age". That what is within your "being" analogue and your "being" digital; that within you and your facsimile; that within your fiction and your reality?  I will like to freeze-frame the borderline of this "net-habitat".






“From the Renaissance to the Gigabits Networking Age

Virtual Reality & High Speed Networking











VR&3D-Vision, digital+analogue Interactive
Stereoscopic 3D vision analogue interactive, in real time, integrated with Virtual Reality.
Partners F.A.B.R.I.CATORS & GDS ELETTRONICA srl, Ing. Salvatore Bellocco, Cant˙/Italy.


VR& 3D-Vision analogue and digital & Telepresence
Stereoscopic 3D Vision (digital and analogue) integrated with Virtual Reality and Telepresence.
Partners: F.A.B.R.I.CATORS & GDS ELETTRONICA srl, Ing. Rossi, Cant˙/Italy.


Miniature luminous panels adapted to Electronic/interactive Cravat.
Research on special luminous material, panel and software-development for the prototype realization of the electronic interactive cravat.
Partners: F.A.B.R.I.CATORS and L EMMECI srl, researcher Ing. Paolo Colombo, Milan/Italy.


Multi Mega Book Architectonic Multimedia Installation
Research, design and implementation of the first prototype of the Multi Mega Book and its architectonic solution: Electronic, interactive, luminous maxi-panel correspondent to the Multi Mega Book Page, Mechanical and electronic solution of the foddering and rotation of the maxi pages: 3x4 Mts.
Partners: F.A.B.R.I.CATORS, Robotics srl, Italy; L EMMECI srl, Researcher Paolo Colombo, Milano/Italy; supported by ZKM Medienmuseum, Karlsruhe/Germany.


Interactive necktie software: Hypertext+RealtimeVideo+Chromakey
Research, design and implementation for the interactive necktie software through which the user can create and produce, in real time, his own personalized design of the cyber cravat and print on textile.
Partners: F.A.B.R.I.CATORS & Centro Calcolo, Polytechnic of Milan, Prof. Paolo Paolini, Milan/Italy.


VR&3D-Vision+3D sound and holophonic effects for Medusa interactive Installation.
Design and implementation of 3D sound and holophonic effects integrated with VR and 3D Vision, analogue interactive in real time. The techniques of 3D sound elaboration are realized during the recording and the mixing by two ways of capturing and placing the sounds (holophony and sound space controller) in a virtual sphere, in which the visitor will be fully immersed. The 3D sound ambient can be reproduced on headphones or simply by staying in front of two speakers thus, tri-dimensionality can be listened through systems of common use.
Holophony is a brain decoder that allows for reproducing exactly what a man can hear.

The brain starts the decoding during the listening, without the help of special equipments and the message so codified can be given to the traditional sound systems: record, magnetic tape, sound motion pictures and digital technology.  The only necessary condition for the reproduction for the holophonic message is the presence of two stereo channels. Especially on headphones, the sound takes shape, moves around us, goes far from us steps over our heads and we can identify, with precision, its position and the direction of its possible movement. The processor "3D sound space controller", thanks to the elevation shuttle and the control azimuth, allows us to move pre-registered sounds and play them in any point of the virtual sphere. Medusa s Virtual Worlds have been integrated with 3D sound and holophonic effects. The sound scenario has been designed to involve the complete sensibility of the visitor. There is a sophisticated relationship between the sound and the synesthesic perception of it. The body works here as interface both for the visitor and for Medusa.
Partners F.A.B.R.I.CATORS and Studio Miti, researcher Alfredo Miti, Guastalla/Italy.


Medusa s intelligent skin
Implementation of "skin-like" sensors to interface visitors with the Interactive Sculpture: Medusa. The surface of Medusa has been provided with an array of tactile sensors based on the use of polyvinylydene fluoride (PVDF), a piezoelectric polymer that possesses very interesting mechanical and electrical properties. The high sensitivity of the used PVDF coupled with their flexibility, allow the realization of "skin-like" sensors able to perform measurements of pressure variation, hardness and surface texture of touched objects. The "intelligent skin" of Medusa has been realized by using thin strips of PVDF (25 micron thick). From each strip, an array of sensors, have been obtained by properly etching a metalloid surface, while a common electrode is maintained on the opposite side. The arrays mounted onto a robber substrate in order to give a higher sensitivity and skilfully located on the surface of medusa are able to detect (discriminate) the position and the intensity of soft touch onto the body. Thanks to the "intelligent skin", Medusa's body is an interactive map: The digital skin is spread in diverse parts of her body. Touching the sensors placed on different parts of the body and looking through her eyes, the visitor is guided into the different 3D-worlds.
Partners:  F.A.B.R.I.CATORS and Centro "Enrico Piaggio", UniversitÓ degli Studi di Pisa, Prof. Danilo De Rossi, Ing. Claudio Domenici e Ing. Raffaello Francesconi, Pisa/Italy; Universitß degli Studi di Milano,  Dario Maggiorini, Milan, Italy.


Beyond Alberti’s Theorem
First Stage of research and development of the graphical representation of Leon Battista Alberti's Theorem (Costruzione Legittima) in the VR environment: The Last Supper.
Partners: F.A.B.R.I.CATORS and Universitß degli Studi di Milano, Laboratorio di Eidomatica, Prof.  Daniele Marini, Milano/Italy.


Technical solutions and programming of the Multi Mega Book
For the developing of technical solutions and programming of the Multi Mega Book I had the support of Illinois University of Chicago and EVL: the Electronic Visualization Lab. The Multi Mega Book had lots of megabytes of models, texture-maps, audio, and a large virtual reality ambience articulated in several scenes and complex interactions like one of the printing press of Guttenberg...  The idea was to make all this info easy to navigate and interact for the users of the CAVE, a multi-person, room-size virtual reality system developed at EVL & Dave Pape from EVL had solved a lot of technical issues, for this application, with the use of Cave Library and the XP system, which he had designed purposely for this specific application. Partial financial support from the museum of ARS Electronic Center, in Linz/Austria where the interactive piece is on permanent exhibit, in the platform Cave, but to a great extent the complete production was financed by F.A.B.R.I.CATORS.


Combining Virtual Reality with mobile robots within local and remote interaction.
Research, design and implementation of a system that overlaps Virtual Reality, Telepresence and mobile robotics. Both mobility and autonomous behaviour played key roles in this work and were also quite symbolic:  the physical robot and its mobility are symbols for the real, visible world while the behaviour serves as a link between the physical and virtual worlds as well as between the robot/avatar and the visitor.  Mobile robotics field is an intriguing and stimulating medium for developing creative, interactive installations. The visualization displays and immerse projection technology has been designed and developed ad hoc. The preference was for a non-ready-made projection system, a personal interface and a projection display suitable to the nature of the artwork itself. The installation is carried out in the C language with Microsoft   Visual C++ - Windows NT 4.0.   The part dealing with the graphic has been developed with the VC Division library. Partners for the robotic solutions F.A.B.R.I.CATORS and K-TEAM, Francesco Mondada, Switzerland. Financed by The Tuscany Hi Tech Network, Region of Tuscany, Florence, Italy.


Overlapping robotics, virtual reality and user interaction to Interactive installation.
Research, design and production of an installation, which integrates robotics, virtual reality and digital media interactive. "Pinocchio Puppet is a robotized puppet, is suspended by wires that control its movements. It hangs before a 3X3m screen showing it’s virtual alter ego and the virtual story. "Pinocchio Puppet" (physical) and "Virtual Pinocchio" (digital) can interact with each other. The visitor can interact with both the physical and the digital Pinocchio using the joy joystick, located below the scenery, where the screen projection and Pinocchio puppet is placed. The Pinocchio puppet is controlled by five motors, each motor controlling one or more cables connected to its arms and legs. These interactive points are connected by means of threads to the computer and obey the impulse of the visitor. Tracking the Net , Kali , Pinocchio Interactive  and Robots Avatars , are interactive installations where the visualization displays and immerse projection technology has been designed and developed ad hoc. The preference was for a non-ready-made projection system, a personal interface and a projection display suitable to the nature of the artwork itself. These pieces follow their own parameters of visualizations and their own aesthetic principles.
Among the goals, was to link in an original way: classical literature, art and technology; to create an emotional interactive experience; to avoid a metallic, lifeless, mechanical outlook; to design a friendly interface and easy access of the system to the visitor; to design and develop a platform which the visualization displays and immerse projection technology and the interactive platform overlapped in a unique and compact solution. In synthesis the installation is required to be resistant, solid, uncomplicated and to look very attractive to the young visitors, in order to create a magical interactive spectacle. Partners for robotic solutions F.A.B.R.I.CATORS and K-TEAM, Francesco Mondada, Switzerland, financed by The Tuscany Hi Tech Network, Region of Tuscany, Florence, Italy.


Integrating motion capture and virtual reality to a multi-user interface platform
Research, design and implementation of high-tech, immersive, interface which can host interactive teams avoiding the use of electronic devices in their hands and or body and to be physically, totally free from manipulating electronic devices. The installation has been projected to host interactive teams, which can experience a shared environment in local and in remote locations through networking.
Partners: F.A.B.R.I.CATORS and. ELEKTON, ING. Marco Monzani, Milano/Italy.


Touch-less sensors for a user-driven, multileveled virtual-reality interactive installation
Research, design and implementation of touch-less sensors - intuitively easy to use and interactive. Their working principle is based on infrared (IR) beams reflected on human skin. Each sensor is an aluminium cylindrical structure containing one IR pulsed transmitter, one receiver and one blue LED. When a finger is placed close to the sensor, IR beams are reflected and detected by the receiver, and the blue LED switches off to indicate the activated state of the sensor. Interaction with the interactive installation virtual world requires 12 sensing elements. A microprocessor-based circuit collects the data from the sensors and sends it through a serial communication line to a computer that calculates the VR images. Specially developed software interprets the sensor data and issues commands on how the VR images are to be rendered. The sensors are highly reliable, as they are not subject to any electrical contact, movement or electromagnetic interferences. Partners: F.A.B.R.I.CATORS and. ELEKTON, Ing. Marco Monzani, Milano/Italy.


The Ashvatta Tree
Research design and implementation of The Ashvatta Tree. The principle was to have a separate installation to keep track of the number and types of visitor responses to the negative and positive icons. Kali Tree, the Ashvatta Tree, is a mathematical process with a graphical representation. Each visitor action in Kali s virtual world is assigned a positive or negative number. The numbers are stored in a database and sent in real time to the Kali Tree generation process. Constructive visitor interactions are graphically displayed as a green tree that grows and blossoms. De-constructive visitor interactions are displayed as a red tree that intercepts and overlaps the green tree. The graphics can be drawn in real time following users actions, or can be generated from stored movements in the database. The Kali Tree process is a strictly deterministic one. The graphical output is continually updated during the installation operation period, and can be accessed over the Network.
Partners F.A.B.R.I.CATORS and. ELEKTON, Marco Monzani, Milano/Italy.










"Viaggio nel Tempo"
TG1-RAI  (Radio e Televisione Italiana), Italy; RAI 1 LA VITA IN DIRETTA, Italy; ODEON TV H., Italy; ANTENNA 3, Italy; SEIMILANO, Italy; RETE 4 TV MODA, Italy; RAI 1 TL OGGI, Italy; TGI 1 H, Italy; TG2, Italy; TG3 Firenze, Italy; TMC Ŕ moda, Italy; ORBIT TELEVISION ARABIC CHANNEL.


Interviews 2001
Canale 5, TV Channel, Madrid, Spain;


Telelombardia, Program: Net Cafe TV Channel, Milan, Italy;  








Received between 1995-2000  


Regione Toscana and Rete Toscana dell'Alta Tecnologia, Florence, Italy, Project:  Virtuality&Interactivity II, international Exhibit;  


Regione Toscana and Rete Toscana dell'Alta Tecnologia, Florence, Italy, Project: Catalogue Virtuality&Interactivity II;  


The Berliner Festspiele GmbH (Germany), Project: KALI;  


Museo della collegiata, Bolzano, Italy, Project: "The Creation...Die Sch÷pfung ...La creazione".  


Regione Toscana and Rete Toscana dell'Alta Tecnologia, Florence, Italy, project: Virtuality and Interactivity, international exhibits;  


Regione Toscana and Rete Toscana dell'Alta Tecnologia, Florence, Italy, Project: Pinocchio Interactive;  


Regione Toscana and Rete Toscana dell'Alta Tecnologia, Florence, Italy, Project: Tracking the Net I;  


ELEKTON, tech society, Milan, Project:  Tracking The Net;  


F.A.B.R.I.CATORS, Milan Italy, Project: Tracking The Net.  


Palazzo dell'Esposizione, Rome, Italy, project: Nem's City;  


K-Team, Lausanne/Switzerland; Project: Robots Avatars dealing with virtual illusions Phase I;  


Regione Toscana and Rete Toscana dell'Alta Tecnologia, Florence, Italy, project: Robots Avatars dealing with virtual illusions Phase II;  


ARS Electronic Center, Museum of the Future, Linz, Austria. Project: Multi Mega Book in the CAVE, VR version;  


Regione Toscana e Rete Toscana dell'Alta Tecnologia, Florence, Italy, project: Robots Avatars dealing with virtual illusions Phase I;  


K-Team, Lausanne/Switzerland; Project: Robots Avatars dealing with virtual illusions

Phase I.



IBIS, Angolini M., society of clothing design, Varese, Italy, Project: Uptodates II and Catalogue;  


GDS, Society for medical research and service, Project: 3D vision Stereo;  


Scotsman, Italy. Project: Renaissance Painting;  


ZKM Mediemuseum, Germany, project: MMB architectonoc version II;  


ZKM, Mediemuseum, Germany, project: MMB interactive multimedia;  


F.A.B.R.I.CATORS, Milan Italy, project: Multi Mega Book VR version;  


Universitß degli Studi di Milano, LabMM2, Project: Last Supper Interactive I.  


Cultural Center of Bolzano, Italy; exhibit project: Uptodates and Catalogue;  


Politecnico di Milano, Italy, project: Interactive Cravat;  


Sasella Srl, Como, Italy; project: Interactive Cravat;  


F.A.B.R.I.CATORS, Milan, Italy, project:  MMB architectonic version I;  


Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica, Leonardo Da VinciMilano, Italy, project: Lautriv Chromagnon Medusa.  








(Under construction)  





FF/February 2002