Jeff Gum's GTR:

Mike's page has some nice pics of Jeff Gum's Honda NT650GTR. They show off the Dreaded Greer Solo Tail. Someday I'll post a picture of my Hawk with the DGST. It looks somewhat different than Jeff's.

Jeff sent me 3 pics of a more recent incantation that loses the Greer and has a Corbin passenger-friendly seat.

These are thumbnails of those pics. Then the sad story as told by Jeff.

Jeff's Story

"The 'ol Gt has been out of commission for little over a year now. Had a minor high-side coming home from work one day, light drizzle and an oil soaked exit ramp did me in right good. Did plenty of cosmetic damage - fecked up the fairing, signals, rearset and placed a quarter sized dent in the previously pristine tank (that's what really hurt!). I took it apart for repairs, but for a multitude of reasons have yet to get all the bits fixed and put back together on it. Hoping I'll be able to 'make' time early this Spring to get her into the previous condition. The bummer about it all was I'd just finished up the (hopefully) final version of the underseat exhaust and the bike was all but completed (as projects go....). Have a gander at these pics, had set her up for 2-up riding by re-fitting my Corbin king'n queen saddle and the OEM tail. The 2-up riding didn't do well with the underseat exhauster, but this was the best she looked prior to the wreck. Guess I've got to stop drinking a beer and staring at the carnage and get busy getting her back on the road again!"

Yet, a Hopeful Sign the GTR will Return.