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The user is placed in an environment with classical music in the background and a table with a little pink box on top. If the user approaches the box and touches it, the box will open and reveal a plastic dancing ballerina.

The box will grow bigger as the ballerina turns and it will encompass the user. The ballerina will stay in the middle of the room as a prop. (If the user does not move near the box, a timout function will open the box.)


A dramatically lit dance studio with infinite wood floors and no walls, populated by video "windows" and headless dancers that keep moving away from the user and giggle as they take the place of a naughty chorus.

The user triggers video and music which plays on video "windows" . The user also triggers playback of avatar performances and can record and playback their own performance.

In a multi-user situation, others will be able to see the user trying out their talent and will potentially be able to dance together.

The user will have the option to record their motion which will be played back in a designated space.

The initial table with the box will exist on a corner and will take the user out of the space and onto another upon touch.


the project / STORYBOARD / credits / demos / home