You are about to enter a hi-fi simulation of a zoo plankton colony using the CAVE by EVL, UIC and Virtual Director by NCSA, UIUC....

Right now, I don't have anything much to show you but  a few snapshots taken during the Virtual Director demonstration during SuperComputing'98.
The images in this page are thumbnails to bigger and detailed images. Click them for a larger , more detailed image. The larger images, take a lot of time to come up due their size, but the fun is lost if they are small.. After all, size does  matter..... ain't it?

Super Computing 98

This snap was taken on November 9th, 1998 during the first day at SC'98.


The following snaps were taken on November 10th, 1998 during the second day at SC'98.


The following set of snaps form a sequence of 10 frames captured in a single recording, and we are "supposed" to see a continuous change in the virtual environment. Though I'm afraid, it is not captured properly as there wasn't any movement of avatars in environment when the shot was taken.... excuse me...


I'll try to change the sequence into an animation sequence or a movie file in the next couple of days... till then please bear with me!!

Come back for more updates !!