Four Corners:


Okay. So now you've entered my site, and you've either clicked on the image, or you've waited and been sucked in. I should probably take some time to explain why i've created the pages as they appear. But, I won't. Regardless to say, it's my "artistic freedom" to conceive a space that fits to restrictions that I decide to impose. I believe in a purpose for what is viewed. Simply putting images/text in a space should serve a purpose. What would be the point of a page if it didn't serve a purpose? So, I guess, I'll elaborate this point.

So now the question, asks, "What my purpose for this space is?". My belief is that the "home page" is a simple, but effective, method of promoting narcissism. What do people talk about in their home page? Themselves of course. Why? Because, that's who they know the most about. I myself am no different. I fall into the same category that 90% of America's internet society falls into: Self- Promotion. That's what it's all about.

And so that brings us to our current situation. What does "Four Corners" represent? Beside being a personal tribute to me, and also an exercise in developing a content oriented web page (the content being me), "Four Corners" is an attempt to explain my past, my present, my future, and my self (not necessarily in that order).

Ancient peoples always talked of the "four corners" of the world. Well, I don't really know if they talked about it or not, but if they wanted something to talk about, then they definitely had stuff to talk about. But anyway. Basing their discussion on a perceived notion of existence, that being that the world was not spherical, as we understand it today, but flatter and more edge oriented. Falling off the face of the planet was a pseudo reality that was usually dreamed but never realized.

The four corners of my "world", represent a chronicle of the person that I was, that I am, that I want to be. Along the way I'll introduce people, places, projects that I think have contributed to the person that exists today. If this seems all too personal, then I apologize. I'm normally not this way. Gotta get off the somber pill that I've been taking.


Excuse the multi-color "Power Rangers" look that I've adapted to my site. Although, I abhor the color scheme, I find that it best represents what I believe is my assumption that people are all interrelated regardless of color. The components red, green, blue and yellow are significant in their individual attributes and their collective nature. Red and green, blue and yellow are of course complementary hues which underlie basic color theory. Red, Green, and Blue of course make up the RGB color system in most video display systems. Yellow, along with Cyan, Magenta, and Black, serves as a primary aspect of print technology. These colors thus serve as the basis of dividing my space.

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