the past
If you really want to know about me, then read on. Otherwise I give you the option of moving onto something a bit more relevant (like I have anything of the kind in my site...HAH!) 

Okay. So, you're still here. Obviously, you're demented enough to want to know what you can about me. This will probably serve a couple purposes; you'll find out that I'm truly boring, to which I would say "Told you so." or, you'll find that I'm truly amazing and thereby causing you to become a stalker-like character and prey upon me, to which I would say -> "COOL, I've always wanted a stalker". 

Actually, let's talk about this stalker thing. Think about it. How cool would it hbe to have your own personal stalker? From what I've understood, the stalker character has several traits that distinguish themselves from other crazed individuals: 

  • They are usually of the opposite sex 
  • They're a little warped or unstable (psychologically/emotionally) 
  • They find you an object of desire in some way. 
  • They feel a need to possess you in some way. 
This has the makings of a really cool story. But that'll be enough of that. We're starting to get into the realm of perversions... Wouldn't want to go there now would we... 


(The biography part of the page.) 

I was born in New Delhi, India sometime in the early 70's. I moved to the states (to New York City to be precise) in the mid 70's and then eventually to outside New York City in the mid 80's, which is where I call home, when I'm in New York or anywhere on the East Coast. 

Elementary school was a blur and fairly insignificant in terms of shaping any ideals and values that I would come to understand in the future. However, it had its purposes, and for me, it was giving me my first loves: Cartoons and Comic Books

The earliest recollections I have are of me and my slightly overweight Puerto Rican friend Raul (pronounced Rah - Uul), running to the local newspaper stand in the upper east side of New York City from our Lutheran Elementary School (Why my parents sent me to a Lutheran School when we were Roman Catholic still boggles me but that's another story). There we would purchase the latest issues of the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Captain America (Even at a pretty young age I was developing Brand Loyalty), and The Avengers

My favorite was (and still is) the X-Men. In non-politically correct terminology, the comic depicted the exploits of a minority race of humans called "mutants" (variation of mutations). These mutants possessed fantastic powers (physical or mental) that set them apart from the rest of man. These differences and how they were dealt by the artists and writers of the comic book, started my underlying interest in race relations and its depiction in society. It would become my icon to define my youth and to soon, define my personality. 

Unfortunately, the next stage of my development, repressed these interests. High School became my "hell on earth". Yes. High School, the bastion of lower education; the place where boys attempt to become men, and girls attempt to become women; where "nerds" were uncool and being an idiot was the rave (actually, raves weren't quite as popular then as they are now -> very taboo). It probably didn't help that I was the new kid, and that I was fairly intelligent (as compared with the other students). Being different wasn't so much a problem as being told that you were different. Racism, became a benchmark in my life at that point (and continues to a certain degree today). 

I don't care to elaborate on that period in my life. I don't really care for that time period. Maybe later I will find it necessary to explain myself here. For now, though, I'll move on. 

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