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Developers: Mike Papka, Sumit Das, Terry Franguiadakis
August 1, 1993 - May 15, 1994

Alife centers around a Genetic Programming library, developed by Terry Franguiadakis in the summer of 1992. The GP library is a C++ implementation of… Read more
A Small Comfort
Developers: Deb Lowman
Unknown - January 1, 1996

“A Small Comfort” is a story of life, death, transformation and regeneration. An imprisoned woman gazes through the window of her cell at… Read more
A Glimpse of Ancient Korea
Developers: Soyon Park

A virtual rendition (VRML) of Korean sites will allow visitors to explore these national treasures from Kyoungju City. Along the way visitors may… Read more
Computer Animation Using Digital Video
Developers: Jim Costigan
Unknown - July 1, 1997

“Computer Animation Using Digital Video” is a web-based presentation providing a summary of existing video formats, animation systems and… Read more
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