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Aotearoa Project
Developers: Chris White, Lance Long, Weta Digital (New Zealand)
November 1, 2003 - July 1, 2004

The objective of this project is to create intriguing artistic images using the latest advancements is visual effects technology. This includes… Read more
STORYSPACE: A Collaborative Tangible Design and Presentation System
Developers: Janet Kim
September 1, 2003 - April 1, 2004

In this advanced technological age, digitally-driven collaborative activities suffer from inadequate multi-user platforms. Few existing computer… Read more
Developers: Poliana Tassini
September 1, 2003 - December 1, 2003

Olympics is an OpenGl animation that explores the journey to the Olympic Games in a symbolic approach, playing with the five Olympic rings, the Torch… Read more
Developers: Helen-Nicole Kostis
September 1, 2003 - March 1, 2004

smalltalk is a rendered instance of a virtual 3D environment developed in Maya. The virtual environment functions as a response in a discourse with a… Read more
Instant Glory 2309
Developers: Kapil Arora, Andrew Rogas, Shirley Sun
September 1, 2003 - January 1, 2004

Setting of Instant Glory 2309 is in the future of Earth, in the year 2309, where racecar driving had turned in Wind Sail Racing (cars have now turned… Read more
m.b : lively, unconventional and totally interactive
Developers: HyeYun Park
September 1, 2003 - December 1, 2003

m.b is an interactive VR project in the CAVE. Sound plays an increasingly varied and ubiquitous role in CAVE user interaction. In this VR project… Read more
Burrow Chase
Developers: Byungil Jeong, Julieta Aguilera
September 1, 2003 - January 1, 2004

The focus of the Burrow Chase game is for a big creature to catch a small creature running through tunnels that are being dynamically created as they… Read more
The Creation - From Eight Signs of Divination to the World
Developers: Sangyoon Lee
August 30, 2003 - December 5, 2003

The Creation is a virtual reality art piece that simulates the very first stage of the Creation of the world. The user can interact with each of the… Read more
INSIDE_OUT Dance, Virtual Reality and Alternative Broadcast Explorations
Developers: Marientina Gotsis
June 27, 2003 - June 28, 2003

Marientina Gotsis’s MFA thesis project Inside_Out is a networked dance application combining the physical space with the virtual space with a… Read more
Waiting In Line
Developers: Drew Browning, School of Art & Design, University of Illinois at Chicago; Annette Barbier, Northwestern University
May 1, 2003 - September 1, 2003

Waiting In Line is an interactive computer installation of visually rich, graphical representations of waveforms. Participants interactively create a… Read more
Open Source Life
Developers: Beth Cerny Patiño, Diane Figueredo, Joey Lindsey, Flo McGarrell, Daniel Romano
March 27, 2003 - August 31, 2003

The student-based experimental media arts group-Nomads & Homesteaders explore bio-technology, emergent behavior, artificial life systems and… Read more
River of Many Sides: A Media Performance
Developers: Drew Browning, Annetter Barbier, Leif Krinkle, Nquyen Thi Minh Ngoc, Quoc Thao
February 1, 2003 - June 11, 2004

A year-long collaboration between artists from the US and Vietnam culminates in “River of Many Sides”. This interactive media performance… Read more
Developers: Beth Cerny Patiño
January 5, 2003 - November 15, 2004

Community is about people interacting with each other in a multi-user, networked environment and creating collaborative artwork that changes over… Read more
Wrecker, Film Visual Effects
Developers: Chris White, Ty Primosch, Walter Behrnes (Bowling Green University)
November 1, 2002 - October 1, 2003

The objective of this project was to create visual effects for the independent film Wrecker. Wrecker, directed by Nadav Kurtz, explores how sound can… Read more
The Perfect Parlor
Developers: Todd Margolis
October 1, 2002 - January 10, 2003

A Perfect Parlor explores how technology can augment human communication, interaction and perceptions when incorporated into personal, social and… Read more
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