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Developers: Damin Keenan, Daria Tsoupikova, Helen-Nicole Kostis, Julieta Aguilera, Seung Kang, Tina Shah, in collaboration with Alex Hill, Geoffrey Baum, Franz Fischnaller
October 1, 2002 - March 1, 2003

Animagina :: (life+imagination) An experimental collaborative VR project which plays with techno-topian / technopocalypse symbols in a conceptual… Read more
Developers: Helen-Nicole Kostis
October 1, 2002 - December 1, 2002

Daydreamer is a VR hybrid environment consisting of two worlds the Real and the Imaginary. The real world exists in the City of Chicago, and the… Read more
Developers: Daria Tsoupikova
October 1, 2002 - March 1, 2003

Rutopia is a virtual reality art project developed for the CAVE, GeoWall, passive and active stereo projection environments. It describes an ideal… Read more
Maya - Veil of Illusion
Developers: Petra Gemeinboeck
September 1, 2002 - March 28, 2003

In Hindu-Buddhist concept, Maya stands for the constant movement of the universe, so powerfully masking the essence of all matter that the phenomenal… Read more
Cinematic Effects for Virtual Enviroments
Developers: Chris White
September 1, 2002 - September 1, 2003

The goal of this project is to produce cinematic quality effects in a real-time virtual enviroment. This required research and development to two… Read more
Virtual Bronzeville
Developers: Andrew Johnson, Chris White, James Sosnoski, Jeannette Rouselle, Courtney Jolliff, Diane Dinkins Carr
August 1, 2002 - August 30, 2003

The objective of the Virtual Bronzeville Project is to create a virtual model of the history of Bronzeville, Chicago. This model will illustrate… Read more
Shared Spaces
Developers: Geoffrey Allen Baum, Keith Miller, Tim Portlock, Todd Margolis
May 1, 2002 - August 31, 2002

The Shared Spaces project is a collaborative virtual reality experience on a VR Portal installation system. The space is designed to be a community… Read more
Kites Flying In and Out of Space
Developers: Jason Leigh, Shalini Venkataraman, Tom Coffin, Jacqueline Matisse-Monnier, Ray Kass, Ron Kriz, Rob Strouse, Francis Thompson, Paul Weilinga, Ulrike Kasper, Kukimoto Nobuyuki, Kurichi Kumar, Jie Wei, Brian Corrie
May 1, 2002 - September 26, 2002

Kites Flying In and Out of Space is a seminal work, as the first high bandwidth virtual-reality art piece ever created. The content is a study and… Read more
CityCluster: From the Renaissance to the Gigabits Networking Age
Developers: Alex Hill, Franz Fischnaller,
collaborators: F.A.B.R.I.CATORS
additional 3D environment modeling: Helen-Nicole Kostis
April 1, 2002 - December 15, 2002

CityCluster: From the Renaissance to the Gigabits Networking Age is a virtual reality and high-speed networking project that juxtaposes the… Read more
Please Adjust
Developers: Todd Margolis
January 1, 2002 - July 1, 2002

With the growing amount of interactive artworks, questions over artistic control and intent have become more important than ever. Please Adjust… Read more
Developers: Joseph Tremonti
September 1, 2001 - July 10, 2002

Liquidon is an immersive, realtime, audio-visual composition that explores the field of ITC. ITC, an acronym for Instrumental Trans-Communication, is… Read more
Beat Box
Developers: Margaret Dolinsky, Edward J. Dambik, Indiana University
July 1, 2001 - September 1, 2002

Beat Box presents networked CAVE™ participants with a playful arena of interactive virtual sound machines. Each of three machines has a unique… Read more
Developers: Ya Lu Lin
April 1, 2001 - May 11, 2002

ID:Illusion is an artist’s exploration of the subconscious as a metaphorical journey. Read more
Developers: Todd Margolis
February 1, 2001 - March 1, 2001

Man+Machine is one in a series of ImmersaGrams that portray a clinical analysis of the evolution of the human species when aided by machine… Read more
Developers: Alex Hill, Joseph Tremonti, Petra Gemeinboeck
January 1, 2001 - August 24, 2001

Excavation is a networked virtual environment that explores the mediated surface of historiography. Excavation immerses its visitors in a metaphoric… Read more
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