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Home Transfer
Developers: Todd Margolis, Pat Badani, Dmitry Strakovsky, Ozgun Ozguc, Carrie Mandel and Jeff Holmes
October 1, 2000 - November 1, 2000

Home Transfer is an art project that explores the intersection of architecture, the Internet and the public sphere. We investigate the impact of new… Read more
Looking for Water
Developers: Daniel J. Sandin, Laurie Spiegel (sound), Kayaking partner Dick Ainsworth, Electronic Visualization partner Tom DeFanti
September 1, 2000 - September 1, 2001

In this networked virtual environment, the user perspective begins in outer space, surrounded by sun and Earth images based on real-time satellite… Read more
Developers: Drew Browning, Geoffrey Allen Baum, Annette Barbier
September 1, 2000 - January 1, 2001

Home is an interactive, navigable virtual-reality environment that explores ideas about dwelling and its relation to the psyche. In it, a house… Read more
Developers: Dave Pape, Josephine Anstey, Dan Neveu
September 1, 2000 - September 1, 2002

PAAPAB is a networked virtual dance floor with a steady dance beat. The user joins the dance by selecting one or more life-sized puppets whose… Read more
Super Spectacular
Developers: Tim Portlock
September 1, 2000 - August 31, 2001

Super Spectacular is an immersive virtual-reality environment that presents different spectator arenas for users to interact: sports stadium, art… Read more
Developers: Geoffrey Allen Baum, Keith Miller
September 1, 2000 - March 1, 2002

syn.aesthetic is a virtual-reality environment where a 3D score is created by the sonic input of the participants. This “objectified”… Read more
La Boîte
Developers: Marientina Gotsis
September 1, 2000 - January 1, 2001

La Boîte is a networked virtual environment where visitors are invited to see short dance performances on video screens. In the virtual dance… Read more
Developers: Ya Lu Lin
August 1, 2000 - May 15, 2001

[whu-on] is comprised of four distinct, but interrelated virtual environments depicting pivotal moments from the artist’s childhood and… Read more
Last Drop!
Developers: Natt Mintrasak
August 1, 2000 - May 18, 2001

“Last Drop!” is an animated short by Natt Mintrasak that incorporates 3-dimensional computer graphics and live-action footage. The story… Read more
Hydra Flower
Developers: Helen-Nicole Kostis
August 1, 2000 - May 20, 2001

Hydra Flower is a 3-dimensional environment consisting of a baby monster flower, inspired by the Lernaean Hydra of Greek Mythology, a serpent-like… Read more
Inner Contact
Developers: Ka-Leung Jark
May 5, 2000 - May 18, 2002

Inner Contact is an imaginary world pushed beyond the envelope of reality, anchored deeply into the physics of these extreme systems. An abstraction… Read more
MALO Drama
Developers: Samroeng Thongrong
May 1, 2000 - July 1, 2001

MALO Drama is an interactive, immersive CAVE™ art application that allows users to communicate with a virtual wizard, a Magic Living Object… Read more
Jes Sambola
Developers: Todd Margolis, Carrie Mandel
February 1, 2000 - March 1, 2000

JesSambola is a web site which explores how relationships can develop on the internet. Read more
big j small o silent h small n
Developers: John Landry
February 1, 2000 - June 1, 2000

“big j small o silent h small n” was made entirely from appropriated web imagery. Read more
Infinite Studio
Developers: Todd Margolis
January 7, 2000 - May 15, 2000

Infinite Studio is a new paradigm of “art-making,” that allows the user to create, in real-time, interactive virtual reality artwork from… Read more
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