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Developers: Joseph Alexander
February 1, 1998 - April 30, 1998

Grey is a black and white computer generated and animated short film. It is loosely based on “The Good Samaritan” storyline (Luke… Read more
Interactive Web Works
Developers: Todd Margolis
January 1, 1998 - January 1, 1999

These are experiments with dynamic html and javascript. Submerged Construction is intended to be a metaphore about the frustrations of web surfing;… Read more
sine::apsis experiments
Developers: Fernando Orellana, Todd Margolis, Kevin Heisner, Daniel Miller, Amy Youngs, Valerie Fuchs, Andrea Polli
January 1, 1998 - May 15, 1998

sine::apsis experiments, based in Chicago, is a network of artists who take an unorthodox look at the role of technology in relation to human… Read more
Interiors (Blue Window Pane)
Developers: Carlos Orrego, Dave Pape, Joe Reitzer, Margaret Dolinsky, Mohammed Dastagir Ali, Markus Greunz
January 1, 1998 - January 1, 1999

Interiors is conceived and directed by Margaret Dolinsky, premiering at SIGGRAPH 98’s Enhanced Realities Exhibition. “Interiors”… Read more
The Thing Growing
Developers: Dave Pape, Joseph Alexander, Josephine Anstey, Muhammad Ali Khan, Samroeng Thongrong
January 1, 1998 - March 1, 2000

The Thing Growing is a Virtual Reality Interactive Narrative. It’s focus is the construction of the “Thing”, a virtual character… Read more
Developers: Tom Coffin
September 15, 1997 - September 27, 1997

Grid is an endless cyberspace gallery of sculptural mandalas. The grid of “jacks” are portals into alternatives spaces where the… Read more
Strait Dope
Developers: Deb Lowman, Joe Reitzer, Margaret Dolinsky, S. Melchionda, E. Zooma
May 1, 1997 - August 1, 1997

Strait Dope is a CAVE™ and ImmersaDesk™ virtual environment that emphasizes participant interaction. Strait Dope colors thought and… Read more
Poverty Island
Developers: Daniel J. Sandin, Thomas A. DeFanti, Laurie Spiegel, Dick Ainsworth
May 1, 1997 - March 1, 1998

“Poverty Island with Video Skies” is the beginning of an exploration of the integration of video images into a virtual environment. This… Read more
Disability Perspective #1
Developers: Drew Browning
May 1, 1997 - October 1, 1997

The newly built Franklin Delano Roosevelt National Monument serves as a focal point for this immersive experience, which addresses issues germane to… Read more
Developers: Dana M. Plepys, Margaret Dolinsky, Mohammed Dastagir Ali, Todd Margolis, (art)n Laboratory
March 1, 1997 - February 28, 1998

(art)n Laboratory and EVL have collaborated on the development of the first real-time, stereoscopic hardcopy output of virtual reality applications… Read more
Developers: Maria Roussou
January 1, 1997 - September 1, 1997

Cleanse is an interactive video installation addressing issues of technological and visual literacy. Literacy is fundamental to the shape and form of… Read more
Divided We Speak
Developers: Alan Cruz, Miroslaw Rogala, Stephan Meyer, Ellen Sandor, Janine Fron
January 1, 1997 - November 1, 1997

The “Divided We Speak” PHSCologram tryptich is a unique collaborative study in sculpture, photography, sound and poetry, based on an… Read more
Liquid Meditation
Developers: Margaret Watson, Eric Butkus
October 1, 1996 - May 1, 1997

Liquid Meditation is a narrative virtual environment based on nature, philosophy and architecture. Constructed as a place of discovery, it was… Read more
Las Meninas
Developers: Alan Cruz, Andrew Johnson, Christina Vasilakis, Hisham Bizri, Javier Girado, Joe Insley, Josephine Anstey, Kyoung Shin Park, Tom Moher, Michael Gold
September 1, 1996 - September 30, 1997

“Las Meninas” is a painting about representation. Velasquez challenges the viewer by making the spectator the model to be viewed and vice… Read more
The Multi Mega Book in the CAVE™
Developers: Dave Pape, Franz Fischnaller, Josephine Anstey, Tomoko Imai, Yesi Maharaj Singh, Alfredo Miti
September 1, 1996 - December 1, 1997

“The Multi-Mega Book in the CAVE™” juxtaposes the Print Revolution and the Information Revolution, and consists of two cities, an… Read more
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