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Fluid Infinity
Developers: Margaret Watson
January 1, 1995 - May 15, 1995

Fluid Infinity is a virtual reality artwork prototyped as a multi-layered abstract, 2D animation. The animation was initially programmed using the… Read more
Developers: Dave Pape
January 1, 1995 - May 1, 1995

Crayoland is an interactive virtual environment created for the CAVE™. It was first shown at the EVE 4 art show in May 1995. The environment is… Read more
Leaky’s Room
Developers: Keith Beu
September 2, 1994 - April 3, 1995

Leaky’s Room is a virtual environment, developed by Keith Beu, that uses audience participation and real-time video and was created as a… Read more
Food Court
Developers: Deb Lowman
September 2, 1994 - April 4, 1995

The virtual reality environment Food Court, a circus attraction within a virtual tent of The Great Sandini Virtual Reality Circus, allowed… Read more
The Great Sandini Virtual Reality Circus of the CAVE™
Developers: Deb Lowman, Jason Leigh, Jim Barr, Joe Insley, Johnny Lawson, Kathy OKeefe, Maria Roussou, Tom Coffin, Keith Beu, Chris Stewart
August 28, 1994 - April 15, 1995

“The Great Sandini Virtual Reality Circus of the CAVE™” was originally created for EVL’s EVE4 presentation in Spring 1995;… Read more
Developers: Terry Franguiadakis
August 28, 1994 - April 3, 1995

The Jack-in-the-Box application grew out of a desire to create something fun and active in a virtual environment, and was originally designed as an… Read more
Artica Intergalaxia
Developers: Joe Reitzer, Margaret Watson
August 20, 1994 - April 15, 1995

Artica Intergalaxia is an intergalactic gallery containing an exhibition of virtual reality art entitled Amorphous Cubes. The idea behind the… Read more
Developers: Dave Pape
August 15, 1994 - April 15, 1995

Vandalism is an interactive virtual environment for the CAVE™ and ImmersaDesk™ VR systems. Vandalism was created as part of Neither Here… Read more
Detour: Brain Deconstruction Area Ahead
Developers: Dave Swoboda, Marcus Thiebaux, Rita Addison, David Zeltzer
July 1, 1994 - July 15, 1994

This autobiographical account by artist Rita Addison describes perceptual changes she experienced subsequent to her head injury in a car accident… Read more
Push / Pop
Developers: Tom Coffin
May 5, 1994 - January 15, 1996

Computer graphics is on a quest, an obsessive mission, to perfectly replicate reality. This Michelangelo envy has resulted in the focus and… Read more
Feature-Based 3D Metamorphosis
Developers: Mihailo Alic
January 7, 1994 - December 15, 1994

Using feature-based 3D metamorphosis allows the operator to treat 3D geometry the same way as 2D image: identifying features of the object enables… Read more
Developers: Dave Adamczyk, Coco Conn, Zane Vella, Jim Damian, Jim Thompson, Maria Rousssou, Mihailo Alic, Chris Cederwall
January 1, 1994 - November 1, 1995

CitySpace is an educational networking project that invites students to build a virtual city model made up of 3D objects and images from sites around… Read more
The Oort Continuum
Developers: Alan Cruz, Alan Millman, Daniel J. Sandin, Deb Lowman, Ka-Leung Jark, Marcus Thiebaux, Margaret Dolinsky, Milana Huang, Tom Coffin, Margaret Watson, Joe Insley, Bor Tyng Lin, Robert Grzeszczuk, Lou Kauffman, Gary Minnix
January 1, 1994 - December 1, 1996

The Oort Continuum is a virtual reality application designed for the CAVE™, based on the CAT (CAVE All Terrain) shared context software… Read more
Developers: Andrew Johnson
January 1, 1994 - Ongoing

Battalion is a game where “A monster blows up, destroys” repeats. It was written in 1994 on a Silicon Graphics Indy in GL for the… Read more
The File Room
Developers: Johnny Lawson, Maria Roussou, Antonio Muntadas, Paul Brenner, Elisabeth Subrin
September 1, 1993 - August 31, 1996

“The File Room” is an illustrated archive of cases of cultural censorship, conceived by artist Antonio Muntadas, and produced by Randolph… Read more
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