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Randy Smith Recognized / VisualEyes
December 1, 1999

Randall C. Smith has received the 1999 “Boss” Kettering Award from General Motors, the corporation’s top technical honor. Smith has… Read more
Biomedical Tele-Immersion with the College of Medicine
Mary Rasmussen, Walter Panko, Jonathan Silverstein
December 1, 1999

The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine will introduce biomedical tele-immersion into the curriculum of surgical residents… Read more
TIDE at Supercomputing ’99
Chris Scharver, Jason Leigh, Nikita Sawant, Gerog Reinhart, Suma Batchu, Emory Creel, Stuart Bailey, Robert Grossman
November 13, 1999 - November 19, 1999

The Tele-Immersive Data Explorer (TIDE) is a CAVERNsoft-based collaborative, immersive environment for querying and visualizing data from massive and… Read more
Foundation of the Hellenic World Premieres ReaCTor
Maria Roussou
November 8, 1999

November 8, 1999, The Foundation of the Hellenic World (FHW) launches its latest virtual reality experience, ReaCTor, a CAVE-like environment… Read more
Industrial Virtual Reality Symposium 1999
Dana M. Plepys, Darren Thompson, Pat Banerjee
November 1, 1999 - November 2, 1999

The Industrial Virtual Reality Symposium, hosted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Industrial Virtual Reality Institute… Read more
Virtual Reality in Education News
Andrew Johnson, Carlos Orrego, Jason Leigh, Joseph Alexander, Maria Roussou, Tom Moher, Ya Lu Lin, Yongjoo Cho, S. Ohlsson, M. Gillingham, M. Orr, J. Jain, J. Hemmerich
October 1, 1999

EVL has installed an ImmersaDesk in the Abraham Lincoln Elementary school as a continuation of research into the use of virtual reality and… Read more
Rem Koolhaas Uses the CAVE for Architectural Design
Dana M. Plepys, Jason Leigh, E. Breedveld, J. Adriaanse, A. Koning, P. Wielinga
October 1, 1999

ALIVE will allow Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas to work on his design for the New Campus Center at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago… Read more
Next Generation CAVERNsoft (G2) Released
Chris Scharver, Dave Pape, Jason Leigh, Kyoung Shin Park, Matthew Szymanski, Michael Lewis, Naveen Krishnaprasad, Yongjoo Cho
October 1, 1999

CAVERNsoft G2 is a C++ toolkit for building collaborative networked applications or “logistical networking” applications. It has low and… Read more
EVL Partners in EMERGE
Thomas A. DeFanti, EVL faculty, staff, and students
September 1, 1999

ESnet / MREN Regional Grid Experimental NGI Testbed EVL is a partner in EMERGE, which intends to demonstrate Differentiated Services over an IP / ATM… Read more
National Computational Science Alliance Chautauquas
Dana M. Plepys, Daniel J. Sandin, Jason Leigh, Johnny Lawson
August 9, 1999 - September 15, 1999

EVL participated as a remote site in the National Computational Science Alliance’s Chautauqua event series 1999. The Chautauqua lectures are… Read more
EVLers Participate in SIGGRAPH 99
Andrew Johnson, Dave Pape, Jason Leigh, Josephine Anstey, Margaret Dolinsky
August 8, 1999 - August 13, 1999

SIGGRAPH, the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics, celebrates its thirtieth anniversary in Los Angeles, August 8-13. “The Round… Read more
Round Earth Video Shown During SIGGRAPH 99 Evening Show
Andrew Johnson, Jason Leigh, Jim Costigan, Joseph Alexander, Tom Moher, Stellan Ohlsson, Mark Gillingham
August 8, 1999 - August 13, 1999

A video documenting the Round Earth Project was selected to be part of the Electronic Theater at SIGGRAPH 99, and was shown at Mann’s Chinese… Read more
IEEE Computer Society Information Visualization ’99
Dana M. Plepys, Margaret Dolinsky, Mohammed Dastagir Ali
July 14, 1999 - July 16, 1999

“Collaborative Visualization: New Advances in Documenting Virtual Reality with IGrams” will be presented at the IEEE International… Read more
EuroLink Consortium Connects to NSF Research Network through STAR TAP
Thomas A. DeFanti, EVL faculty, staff, and students
June 1, 1999

EVL has received a major award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to facilitate the connection of National Research Networks (NRNs) in… Read more
Mediartech 99
Dave Pape, Josephine Anstey
May 25, 1999 - May 29, 1999

Josephine Anstey and Dave Pape represented EVL at the Mediartech 99 Conference. “The Thing Growing”, a virtual, interactive narrative… Read more
Moher Presents at CHI ’99
Tom Moher
May 15, 1999 - May 20, 1999

Tom Moher attended CHI ’99 to present the latest research on “The Round Earth” project in the paper entitled “Bridging… Read more
Contrast (1997)
Ralph De Stefano
May 13, 1999 - May 15, 1999

“Contrast” (1997), an animated film by Ralph De Stefano was selected out of 400 international entries for screening at the New York… Read more
Third International Immersive Projection Technology Workshop
Dave Pape, Maria Roussou
May 10, 1999 - May 11, 1999

EVL’s latest research on projection-based VR technologies and device development was presented at IPT ’99; “The ImmersaDesk3… Read more
Second Nature
Daniel J. Sandin, Dave Pape, Jason Leigh, John Landry, Joseph Alexander, Josephine Anstey, Margaret Dolinsky, Samroeng Thongrong, Ya Lu Lin, Muhammad Ali Khan
May 9, 1999 - June 21, 1999

EVL students took part in this exhibition of digital and electronic media art curated by Paul Hertz of Northwestern University. Margaret Dolinsky… Read more
Multiplex - MFA Thesis Show
Joseph Alexander, Tom Frisch
April 30, 1999 - May 1, 1999

Tom Frisch and Joseph Alexander’s joint MFA Thesis Exhibition consisted of twelve short pieces of film, video, and animation presented at the… Read more
Pure Illusion, Pure Beauty :: MFA Thesis Exhibition
Daniel Davidson
April 23, 1999 - April 24, 1999

Dan Davidson will present Pure Illusion, Pure Beauty, a solo exhibition of wall paintings, video works, and a web site as his MFA Thesis… Read more
MASS Ensemble Performance
Joe Reitzer, Close, Sanchez, Harvey, Quinn, Rothschild, Pullman, Blacke, Pierce
April 16, 1999 - April 24, 1999

The MASS Ensemble will present new work in a site-specific environment in their home neighborhood of Pilsen east. MASS members Close, Sanchez… Read more
What’s Next at the Walker Art Center
Daniel J. Sandin
April 6, 1999 - April 13, 1999

Dan Sandin was an invited speaker at the Walker Art Center’s lecture series “What’s Next”. His lecture, “Virtual… Read more
IEEE Virtual Reality ’99
Andrew Johnson, Jason Leigh, Robert V. Kenyon, Tomoko Imai
March 13, 1999 - March 17, 1999

EVLers presented the following papers at the IEEE Virtual Reality ’99 Conference: Andy Johnson - “The Round Earth Project: Deep Learning… Read more
Margaret Dolinsky
February 26, 1999 - April 9, 1999

Electronic Fields: Margaret Dolinsky was a collaborative series of virtual reality stills ImmersaGrams (IGrams) created with (art)n Laboratory, and… Read more
N*Vector Collaboration Continues at EVL
Alan Verlo, Daniel J. Sandin, Jason Leigh, Michael Lewis, Ray Fang, Thomas A. DeFanti
February 1, 1999 - February 2, 1999

EVL’s collaboration with NTT and the University of Tokyo continues when researchers from Japan visit EVL to continue work on the N*Vector… Read more
Photonics West ’99
Dave Pape
January 23, 1999 - January 29, 1999

Dave Pape represented EVL at the SPIE Photonics West, presenting two papers: “Transparently Supporting a Wide Range of VR and Stereoscopic… Read more
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