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Presentation: Computing Technology in the Performing Arts
Marientina Gotsis, Robynne H. Gravenhorst
December 10, 2003

“Of all the arts, dance would seem the least likely to accede to the vagaries of rapid change and the relentless advances of modern technology… Read more
RSNA Doctors See Potential for 3D Medical Training
Jason Leigh, Rajvikram Singh
December 10, 2003 - December 17, 2003

Groups of otherwise well-dressed doctors and medical technologists were seen sporting paper stereo glasses at the 89th Scientific Assembly and Annual… Read more
EVL at the AGU 2003 Fall Meeting
Andrew Johnson, Jason Leigh, Lance Long, Luc Renambot, Shalini Venkataraman
December 8, 2003 - December 12, 2003

EVL presented research and educational applications of its GeoWall and GeoWall2 technologies at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2003 meeting in… Read more
Presentation by Sabrina Raaf
Sabrina Raaf
December 3, 2003

Sabrina Raaf is a Chicago-based artist who works in both experimental sculptural media and photography. She is a producer of creative machines… Read more
PARIS Displayed at RSNA 2003
Chris Scharver, Daniel J. Sandin, Greg Dawe, Mary Rasmussen, Nicholas Schwarz, Vaidya Chandrasekhar, Zhuming Ai, Ray Evenhouse, Mark Morita, Steve Fores
November 29, 2003 - December 4, 2003

The PARIS was demonstrated at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2003 Meeting at the McCormick Place Convention Center. Read more
Field Trip to art(n)
Ellen Sandor & Keith Miller
November 19, 2003

Presentation Structure: 1.) Ellen Sandor: Introduction to (art)n, tour of gallery 2.) Keith Miller: Technical demo of phscologram process 3.) AI… Read more
EVL Participates in SC2003
Alan Verlo, Greg Dawe, Jason Leigh, Lance Long, Luc Renambot, Naveen Krishnaprasad
November 15, 2003 - November 21, 2003

EVL will be demonstrating an OptIPuter driven 5x3 LCD tiled display that has a collective resolution of 8000x3600 pixels at SC2003 in Phoenix… Read more
Glimmerglass and EVL Join Forces to Develop New LambdaGrid Applications
November 15, 2003 - November 21, 2003

Glimmerglass and University of Illinois at Chicago Join Forces to Develop New LambdaGrid Applications Streaming computing applied to lambda… Read more
Presentation by Paul Klein
Paul Klein
November 12, 2003

Paul Klein has been an art dealer and gallery owner for over twenty years. About himself he says: “Raised in Chicago suburbs and San Francisco… Read more
Presentation by Annette Barbier
Annette Barbier
November 5, 2003

Annette Barbier will show examples of her most recent interactive works and talk about the development of her work over the past 25 years. Barbier… Read more
EVL Hosts IHS Leadership Symposium
November 1, 2003

EVL will be one of the host sites for the 2003 Emerging Global Technologies Leadership Symposium, sponsored by the Illinois International High School… Read more
EVL Featured in CACM
Jason Leigh, Maxine Brown, Thomas A. DeFanti, Bob Grossman, Larry L. Smarr, Cees de Laat, Joe Mambretti, Kees Neggers, Bill St. Arnaud, Aaron Falk, Ted Faber, Joseph Bannister, Andrew Chien, Ian Foster, Steve Bjorg, Philip M. Papadopoulos, Mark Little
November 1, 2003 - December 1, 2003

In this month’s issue of the Communications of the Association of Computing Machinery (CAMC) is a special issue devoted to high-performance… Read more
GeoPad Tested at University of Michigan’s Camp Davis
Andrew Johnson, Jason Leigh, Peter Knoop, Ben van der Pluijm, Peter van Keken
November 1, 2003 - December 1, 2003

Please Click on the link above to view the full text article. The GeoPad application has recently been field tested by geological students at the… Read more
Presentation by Chris Clepper
Chris Clepper
October 29, 2003

I have had an interest in the moving image and sound ever since my father brought home one of the first consumer video camera systems in the early… Read more
Dan Sandin - EVL Seminar Presentation, Part 2
Daniel J. Sandin
October 26, 2003

Daniel Sandin will make a second appearance at this week’s EVL seminar class to finish answering students’ questions that we didn’t… Read more
Rajvikram Singh’s MS Thesis Defense
Andrew Johnson, Jason Leigh, Luc Renambot, Rajvikram Singh
October 24, 2003

One of the common problems faced in collaborative environments and scientific visualization applications, is termed the ‘Display docking’… Read more
Yongjoo Cho’s PhD Thesis Defense
Andrew Johnson, Jason Leigh, Thomas A. DeFanti, Tom Moher, Yongjoo Cho, Joshua Radinsky
October 24, 2003

This dissertation describes a virtual world builder, called CLOVES (Construction of Layer Oriented Virtual Environment for Science inquiry learning)… Read more
Daniel Sandin - EVL Seminar Presentation
Daniel J. Sandin
October 22, 2003

Daniel J. Sandin is director of the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) and a professor in the School of Art and Design at the University of… Read more
CityCluster at VSMM03
Alex Hill, Franz Fischnaller
October 15, 2003 - October 17, 2003

Franz Fischnaller, creator of the virtual reality and high-speed networking project CityCluster - “From the Renaissance to the Megabyte… Read more
Presentation by Drew Browning
Drew Browning
October 15, 2003

Drew Browning is an Associate Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago in the School of Art and Design with an MFA degree from the School… Read more
Kyoung Shin Park’s PhD Thesis Defense
Andrew Johnson, Jason Leigh, Kyoung Shin Park, Luc Renambot, Steve Jones, Thomas A. DeFanti, Tom Moher
October 10, 2003

Amplified Collaboration Environments (ACEs) are integrated ubiquitous tools and environments that support collaborative scientific investigation… Read more
Tom Peterka’s MS Thesis Defense
Tom Peterka, John Bell
October 8, 2003

An application is developed for scientific visualization of n-dimensional (n-d) data for an attainable region (AR), a graphical tool for chemical… Read more
Second Year MFA Student Presentations - part 2
Corbin Frame, Julieta Aguilera
October 8, 2003

Presentation of work that reflects Julieta’s vision for VR. Included are a revised version of her first semester vr project, a review of her… Read more
EVL Participates in Newberry Library’s Teachers and Scholars Program
Andrew Johnson
October 2, 2003 - October 27, 2003

Andrew Johnson gave a tutorial “Towards the Holodeck: Advanced Visualization and Collaboration Environments” at UIC as part of the… Read more
MFA AD508 Seminar Series
Drew Browning, Electronic Visualization Students
October 1, 2003 - November 20, 2003

The Electronic Visualization Lab’s Fall 2003 MFA AD508 Seminar Series meets every Wednesday from 2:00 - 4:00pm. The series begins with… Read more
Second Year MFA Student Presentations - part 1
Helen-Nicole Kostis, Tina Shah
October 1, 2003

Helen Nicole Kostis and Tina Shah present individual work from their bachelors and continue to show projects they have collaborated on in the past… Read more
New MFA Student Presentations
Sangyoon Lee
September 24, 2003

Sangyoon’s portfolio and presentation covers: An online computer game engine software and contents A brief presentation of Designing Game… Read more
New MFA Student Presentations
HyeYun Park, Kapil Arora
September 17, 2003

Kapil presents his degree project Titled: “Virtual Dyaneshwari” in which he explored spiritualism using Virtual Reality as a medium… Read more
CityCluster as a learning tool for UNESCO’s Digit-Arts Portal Project
Alex Hill, Franz Fischnaller
September 15, 2003 - December 15, 2003

During the past year, UNESCO has shown an intense interest in the CityCluster project as a creative, educational tool for artists, producers… Read more
Programming the Personal Augmented Reality Immersive System PARIS™
Chris Scharver
September 11, 2003

The Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in cooperation with UIC’s Virtual Reality in… Read more
CityCluster as VR Matrix for The Collective Intelligence Network
Alex Hill, Franz Fischnaller, Prof. Pierre Levy
September 10, 2003 - December 15, 2003

The CityCluster project had been selected to become a virtual reality networking matrix for the “The Collective Intelligence Network”… Read more
New MFA Student Presentations - 2003
Poliana Tassini, Romeu Bessa
September 10, 2003

Romeu Bessa presents thesis work done on digital painting and talks about the transition from traditional to digital. Poliana Tassini’s… Read more
CityCluster Exhibited at Ars Electronica Festival 2003
Alex Hill, Franz Fischnaller
September 6, 2003 - September 11, 2003

The collaborative virtual artwork CityiCluster “From the Renaissance to the Gigabits Networking Age” by Franz Fischnaller, will be… Read more
New MFA Student Presentations
Chip Collier, Mark Akgulian
September 3, 2003

Chip shows his portfolio work. Most of this is from his undergrad thesis. Mark presents some work done during his previous semester(s) at UIC using… Read more
EVL Associate Professor, Andy Johnson Moonlights as Movie Extra
Andrew Johnson
August 31, 2003

On August 31, 2003 at 3pm - Check the time zone in your area - EVL Associate Professor Andy Johnson will have his US debut as a movie extra. Watch… Read more
Tim Portlock
August 29, 2003 - August 30, 2003

An exhibition of virtual reality art created by Tim Portlock. This project takes the drawings created by the artist and transforms them into an… Read more
Introduction to Video Game Design and Programming
Jason Leigh
August 25, 2003 - December 13, 2003

EVL Associate Professor, Jason Leigh introduces video game design and programming to the UIC Computer Science curriculum Fall 2003 semester. The… Read more
Andrew Johnson Promoted to Associate Professor
Andrew Johnson
August 25, 2003

EVL congratulates Andy Johnson on his promotion to Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department. Andy’s research focus is on advanced… Read more
Waiting In Line Exhibited at the Museum of Science & Industry
Drew Browning, Annette Barbier
August 14, 2003 - August 18, 2003

The Museum of Science & Industry’s “Experiments… Science + Art” program showcases Chicago performing and visual artists… Read more
Oliver Yu Receives DOE Early Career Award
August 1, 2003 - December 15, 2003

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has named Oliver Yu as a recipient of the 2003 DOE Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. Established… Read more
Virtual Reality in Education Presented at SIGGRAPH 2003
Andrew Johnson, Tom Moher, Yongjoo Cho, Danny Edelson, Eric Russell
July 31, 2003

EVL professors Tom Moher and Andy Johnson present the results of their research in using virtual reality for educational applications at the SIGGRAPH… Read more
Real-Time Video View Morphing Presented at SIGGRAPH 2003
Karl Timm
July 27, 2003 - July 31, 2003

EVL PhD Student Karl Timm’s Real-Time Video View Morphing research has been accepted for presentation in the SIGGRAPH 2003 Sketches and… Read more
Steve Jones Quoted in CNN Report on Gaming
Steve Jones
July 6, 2003

Gamers not just male loners A survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project says that while roughly two-thirds of college students play… Read more
Marientina Gotsis MFA Thesis Show
Marientina Gotsis
June 27, 2003 - June 28, 2003

“Inside_Out” is a networked dance application combining the physical space with the virtual space with a live broadcast of the… Read more
Third Annual Workshop on Advanced Collaborative Environments WACE 2003
Andrew Johnson, Jason Leigh, Kyoung Shin Park, Luc Renambot, Drake Livingston, Michael McLaughlin
June 22, 2003

Research in the development of persistent collaboration infrastructure to address the needs of emerging scientific communities, as well as… Read more
PARIS at Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA)
Chris Scharver, Greg Dawe, Robert V. Kenyon, Jim Patton, Robert Sanchez, Eric Cruz, Mohsen Makhsous
June 19, 2003 - June 23, 2003

EVL’s PARIS system demonstrated the possibilities for clinical rehabilitation of the human sensory-motor system at the 26th International RESNA… Read more
Anstey’s The Thing Growing on View at Hallwalls
Josephine Anstey, Dave Pape
June 12, 2003 - June 21, 2003

Reposted From the University of Buffalo Reporter By SUE WUETCHER Reporter Editor Buffalo, NY - Two virtual, interactive dramas developed by a UB… Read more
Daniel J. Sandin, Maxine Brown, Thomas A. DeFanti, EVL staff and students
June 9, 2003

(June 9, 2003) Chicago - Maxine Brown wrote the following tribute, given at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory’s (EVL) annual picnic… Read more
EVL Participates In 3rd Annual GeoWall Meeting
Andrew Johnson, Jason Leigh, Julieta Aguilera, Luc Renambot
May 31, 2003 - June 4, 2003

EVLers participated in the 3rd annual GeoWall meeting leading sessions focusing on Education using the GeoWall system, and the future of the GeoWall… Read more
The Key to Saint Petersburg Demo
Dave Pape, Helen-Nicole Kostis, Josephine Anstey
May 24, 2003 - May 31, 2003

EVL participated in a remote VR exhibition in St. Petersburg, Russia, held in conjunction with the city’s 300th anniversary celebration… Read more
Jason Leigh Demonstrates GeoWall at the Urban Cyberspace Conference & Exposition
Jason Leigh, Paul Morin
May 9, 2003 - May 10, 2003

As part of the “hands on” exhibition of advanced technologies at New York’s First Annual Cyberspace Conference & Exposition… Read more
Steve Jones Lectures at Columbia College
Steve Jones
May 2, 2003

Thread:CyberCulture The Academic Computing Department at Columbia College is pleased to announce Steve Jones, social historian, and editor of… Read more
EVL’s Alliance Expedition Activities Presented at the 2003 All-Hands Meeting
Atul Nayak, Jason Leigh, Luc Renambot, Rajvikram Singh, Thomas A. DeFanti
April 30, 2003 - May 2, 2003

EVL participated in this year’s All-Hands Meeting with presentations and demonstrations highlighting contributions to the Scientific Workspaces… Read more
EVLers Receive Award at the 2003 Ideas Fest
Damin Keenan, Daria Tsoupikova, Helen-Nicole Kostis, Julieta Aguilera, Seung Kang, Tina Shah, Alex Hill, Geoffrey Baum, Franz Fischnaller
April 26, 2003

At this year’s Ideas Fest 2003, the Animagina project was selected as the Best Immersive VR Environment. The VR application was developed by… Read more
EVL Participates in UIC’s Daughters @ Work Day 2003
Julieta Aguilera, Laura Wolf
April 24, 2003

EVL is participating in the annual eighth annual UIC’s Daughters @ Work Day, organized by the UIC Office of Women’s Affairs. This event… Read more
EVL REU Receives Johnson Award
Elisa Green
April 24, 2003

The Honors College named EVL REU Elisa Green as the recipient of the 2003 John Curtis Johnson Award. Each year at Honors Day the John Curtis Johnson… Read more
Joshua Eliason MFA Thesis Exhibition
Joshua Eliason
April 11, 2003

Electronic Visualization Laboratory; Presentation Space Friday, April 11, 2003 5:00 - 8:00pm Electronic Visualization Laboratory University of… Read more
Spale Named as 2003 Student Service Award Recipiant
Allan Spale
April 1, 2003

The Student Leadership and Volunteer / Student Development Services named EVL MS Graduate Student Allan Spale as one of the recipients of the 2003… Read more
Rocky Mountain Mapping Center Builds and Develops GeoWall System
Jason Leigh
April 1, 2003 - May 1, 2003

The latest news from the GeoWall Consortium is the Rocky Mountain Mapping Center (RMMC), in cooperation with the USGS Central Region Director, has… Read more
Maya - Veil of Illusion :: MFA Thesis Exhibition
Petra Gemeinboeck
March 28, 2003

Opening Reception & Public Exhibition Friday, March 28th, 2003 5:00 - 9:00pm Virtual Reality Installation Networked with Germany: 5:00 - 7:00pm… Read more
Open Source Life Opening
Beth Cerny Patiño, Diane Figueredo, Joey Lindsay, Flo McGarrell, Daniel Romano, Jon Cates, Ben Chang, Claire Pentacost, Roy Plotnick, Dana Moser
March 27, 2003 - March 30, 2003

In conjunction with the 2003 three day digital arts convergence Version>03 at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, the theme of technology and… Read more
PANEL The Post-Realistic Age: The Generation of Super Broadband Communication
Alex Hill, Daniel J. Sandin, Franz Fischnaller, Jason Leigh, Pierre Levy, Paul Hertz, Annette Barbier
March 27, 2003 - March 30, 2003

PANEL Date: Saturday, March 29, 2003 Time: 10-11:45 AM Co-presented by University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and Northwestern University (NWU). A… Read more
Version>03 Virtual Reality Exhibition
Alex Hill, Brenda Lopez Silva, Damin Keenan, Daniel J. Sandin, Daria Tsoupikova, Franz Fischnaller, Geoffrey Allen Baum, Helen-Nicole Kostis, Joseph Tremonti, Julieta Aguilera, Petra Gemeinboeck, Seung Kang, Tina Shah, Ya Lu Lin
March 27, 2003 - March 30, 2003

EVL exhibits a number of virtual reality artworks at Version>03 both at the Museum of Contemporary Art, using EVL’s developed C-Wall system and… Read more
PANEL “Open Source Life at Version > 03”
Beth Cerny Patiño, Diane Figueredo, Joey Lindsey, Flo McGarrell, Daniel Romano, Roy Plotnick, Nadine Bopp, Dana Moser, Claire Pentecost, Greg Bordowitz
March 27, 2003

Panel: March 27th 12:00 - 1:00pm Nomads & Homesteaders presents a panel - “OpenSource Life” as part of the Museum of Contemporary… Read more
Building a Collaborative Bridge-Technology Research, Education and Commercialization Center (TRECC)
Jonas Talandis
March 18, 2003 - March 19, 2003

Jonas Talandis, Senior Research Scientist from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and… Read more
Official Opening & Exhibit of CityCluster
Alex Hill, Franz Fischnaller
February 7, 2003

The Official opening on February 7th, 2003 will feature the mayor of the city of Florence On.le Leonardo Domenici, On.le Claudio Martini… Read more
Sandin Presents Looking for Water at the III Jornada Conference
Daniel J. Sandin
January 31, 2003

At this year’s III Jornada Conference on ‘Building the Virtual Space’, Daniel J. Sandin, Director of the Electronic… Read more
PARIS Demonstrated at the 2003 Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference
Chris Scharver, Greg Dawe
January 22, 2003 - January 25, 2003

EVLers Greg Dawe and Chris Scharver join EVL collaborators FakeSpace Systems, Inc. to showcase the PARIS™ production prototype at the Eleventh… Read more
Girado Presents Latest Face Detection Research
Daniel J. Sandin, Javier Girado, Thomas A. DeFanti
January 20, 2003 - January 24, 2003

EVL doctoral candidate, Javier Girado presents the findings of his latest research in face detection at the IS&T / SPIE’s 15th Annual… Read more
Virtual Harlem Exhibited at the Museum of Science & Industry
Andrew Johnson, Jason Leigh, Jim Sosnoski
January 17, 2003 - March 2, 2003

The Museum of Science and Industry has acquired a GeoWall, due in part to the efforts of Assistant Professor of Computer Science Andrew Johnson and… Read more
Wiggleview at the Mid-America Earthquake Center Seminar Series, Urbana-Champaign
Atul Nayak, Vaidyasubramanian Chandrasekhar - EVL, Proefessor Wang-Ping Chen - Department of Geology / UIUC
January 13, 2003

EVLer Atul Nayak has been invited to present a talk on Wiggleview by the Mid-America Earthquake Center, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The… Read more
The Perfect Parlor
Todd Margolis
January 10, 2003 - January 11, 2003

Todd Margolis’ MFA Thesis Exhibition, “The Perfect Parlor” uses a Victorian Parlor as a metaphorical environment to explore social… Read more
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