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Developers: Daniel J. Sandin, Greg Dawe, Thomas A. DeFanti
January 1, 1996 - May 1, 1997

The development of the ImmersaDesk2™ system in 1996 focused upon a number of design issues not addressed by the initial ImmersaDesk™… Read more
Video Avatars
Developers: Alex Hill, Anupreet Kalra, Dana M. Plepys, Daniel J. Sandin, Fang Wang, Joe Insley, Johnny Lawson, Satheesh Subramanian, Vivek Rajan
January 1, 1996 - December 31, 1998

Tele-immersive virtual applications utilize avatars to represent users in remote environments, primarily to aid in communication during collaborative… Read more
VideoAvatar Library (3D static)
Developers: Daniel J. Sandin, Joe Insley
January 1, 1996 - August 1, 1997

The VideoAvatar Library is a collection of functions that works in conjunction with the CAVE Library, and can be used to add static, photo-realistic… Read more
Synesthesia: Collaborative Biosignal Experience
Developers: Alan Verlo, Bill Reynolds, Joe Reitzer, Marcus Thiebaux, Margaret Watson, Morteza Ghazisaedy, Rita Addison, Robert V. Kenyon, Tom Coffin, Anthony Tamburrino, Dave Warner, Eben Gay
December 3, 1995 - December 8, 1995

Synesthesia is defined as a unique neuroperceptual event identified in one out of three million people in which a sensory input, such as music, is… Read more
Participatory Artificial Life Demonstration
Developers: Matthew Szymanski, Mike Papka, Terry Disz, Terry Franguiadakis, Rick Stevens
December 3, 1995 - December 8, 1995

The science being visualized is a demonstration of artificial life by generating computer programs that mimic organic life in simple ways. The… Read more
N.I.C.E: Narrative-based Immersive Constructionists / Collaborative Environments
Developers: Andrew Johnson, Christina Vasilakis, Jason Leigh, Maria Roussou, Tom Moher
September 1, 1995 - June 1, 1999

NICE is a project that applies virtual reality to the creation of a family of educational environments for young users. Our approach is based on… Read more
Tracker Calibration - Line of Sight Method
Developers: Daniel J. Sandin, Dave Adamczyk, Greg Dawe, Marek Czernuszenko, Morteza Ghazisaedy, Robert V. Kenyon, Thomas A. DeFanti
March 1, 1995 - February 1, 1998

Widely used in VR electro-magnetic trackers are sensitive to electrically or magneticly conductive objects in the environment. Static errors as high… Read more
Developers: Andrew Johnson
January 1, 1995 - December 16, 2002

Walkabout is an application that allows users to explore geo-referenced terrains. It is an educational application for elementary school kids to… Read more
IMAX Cosmic Voyage
Developers: Marcus Thiebaux, R. Patterson, D. Cox, E. Wesselak, C. Mihos, L. Hernquist, F. Summers
January 1, 1995 - March 1, 1995

Two high-resolution astrophysical simulations are explored, choreographed, and rendered. The first is a visualization of the collision / merging of… Read more
CASA: Computer Augmentation for Smart Architectonics
Developers: Christina Vasilakis, Craig Barnes, Jason Leigh
August 1, 1994 - May 1, 1995

Homes or buildings that utilize technology in order to be “smart,” computer augmented, automated, “intuitive,” energy… Read more
Interactive Adaptive Mesh Refinement
Developers: Mike Papka, Steven Cohen, Lori Freitag, Mark Jones, Paul Plassmann, John Rowlan
July 1, 1994 - July 15, 1994

Adaptive mesh refinement / derefinement techniques have been shown to be very successful in reducing the computational and storage requirements for… Read more
Parallel Real-Time Radiosity
Developers: Craig Barnes, Jon Goldman
July 1, 1994 - July 15, 1994

This application demonstrates how parallel architectures are being used to render scenes in real time or close-to-real-time using physically based… Read more
Evolution of Behavior in a Simulated Environment
Developers: Mike Papka, Sumit Das, Terry Franguiadakis
July 1, 1994 - July 15, 1994

This application enables CAVE users to view and interact with the behavior of various animats, virtual animals that exhibit behaviors similar to… Read more
The SIGGRAPH 94 Daily Weather Forecast
Developers: Bill Hibbard, Steven Cohen, Brian Paul, Andre Battaiola, Gregory Tripoli, Peter Pokrant
July 1, 1994 - July 15, 1994

Interactive 3D visualization has proved its value for finding and understanding problems with numerical simulations of the atmosphere. Scientists are… Read more
Interactive Molecular Modeling Using Real-Time Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Virtual Reality Computer Graphics
Developers: Carolina Cruz-Neira, Paul Bash;eorge Lent
July 1, 1994 - July 14, 1994

Using real-time interactive molecular modeling and molecular dynamics simulations, this project demonstrates the docking of a drug molecule to its… Read more
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