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Simulation of a Grinding Process in Virtual Reality
Developers: Mike Papka, Thomas Canifield, William Jester, John Rowlan, Edward Plaskacz
July 1, 1994 - July 15, 1994

Simulation of a grinding process in the CAVE enables users to explore a commonly used manufacturing process from an entirely new vantage point. An… Read more
SANDBOX: Scientists Accessing Necessary Data Based on eXperimentation
Developers: Andrew Johnson, Farshad Fotouhi
July 1, 1994 - July 15, 1994

Scientific databases contain enormous amounts of data collected through experimentation. They are accessed by investigators from many disciplines… Read more
Computational Modeling for Crashworthiness of Electric Vehicles Using Nonlinear Finite Element Methods
Developers: Roger Engelman, Bruce Engelmann, Robert Whirley
July 1, 1994 - July 15, 1994

This project uses transient nonlinear finite element analysis to model the crash-worthiness of a vehicle modified from gasoline to electric power… Read more
Using Virtual Reality For Machine Design
Developers: Gary Lindahl, Maggie Rawlings, Milana Huang, R. Ingram, K. Ahlers, D. Stevenson, J. Bettner, D. Chapman, M. Novak, V. Lehner, M. VandeWiele, M. Larson, J. Lohmar
July 1, 1994 - July 15, 1994

Caterpillar, Inc. uses virtual reality as a tool for interactively evaluating new machine designs. Using virtual reality, the operator of a virtual… Read more
Scientific Visualization of Gyrofluid Tokamak Turbulence Simulation
Developers: Alan Verlo, G. Kerbel, R. Waltz, D. Shumaker, J. Milovich;. Hammett, M. Beer, The Numerical Tokamak Project Consortium
July 1, 1994 - July 15, 1994

High-performance algorithms for simulating and visualizing 3D plasma turbulence in magnetic fusion experiments have been developed as an aid in the… Read more
Getting Physical in Four Dimensions
Developers: Daniel J. Sandin, Joanna Mason, Louis H. Kauffman, Milana Huang, George Francis
July 1, 1994 - July 15, 1994

The goal of this application is to provide a more intuitive understanding of hyperspace. It enabled users to physically interact with objects in four… Read more
Post-Euclidean Walkabout
Developers: Joanna Mason, G. Francis, C. Hartman, U. Axen, A. Arias, P. McCreary;. Chappell
July 1, 1994 - July 15, 1994

This real-time interactive CAVE application takes you on a visit to the post-Euclidean geometry of Gauss, Riemann, Klein, Poincare, and Thurston… Read more
Phase and Amplitude Maps of the Electric Organ Discharge of the Weakly Electric Fish
Developers: Jason Leigh, Thomas A. DeFanti, C. Assad, B. Rasnow, J. Bower
July 1, 1994 - July 15, 1994

This demonstration models the Apteronotus Leptorhynchus (commonly known as the Brown Ghost). It displays simulated data of the electric fields… Read more
The Virtual Eye
Developers: Paul Neumann, R. Parshall, L. Sadler
July 1, 1994 - July 15, 1994

This project demonstrates the design of an anatomically realistic computer model of a human eye in a virtual environment. Users are able to explore… Read more
Jason Interactive Mapper
Developers: Dave Pape, G. Feldman, R. Haleblian, A. Maffei, M. Marra, C. Molyneaux, K. Stewart
July 1, 1994 - July 15, 1994

The JASON is an underwater remotely operated vehicle operated by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. This virtual-reality demonstration re-enacts… Read more
CALVIN: Collaborative Architectural Layout Via Immersive Navigation
Developers: Andrew Johnson, Christina Vasilakis, Jason Leigh, Thomas A. DeFanti, Michael Kelley, Bruce Gibeson, Steve Grinavic
January 1, 1994 - January 1, 1996

One of the current long term goals at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) is to create a persistent virtual environment enabling multiple… Read more
Developers: Daniel J. Sandin, Greg Dawe, Thomas A. DeFanti
January 1, 1994 - December 1, 1994

The ImmersaDesk™ was developed in 1994 at EVL. It is a drafting table format VR display. It features a 67x50-inch rear-projected screen at a… Read more
Visualization of Casting Process in Foundries
Developers: Mike Papka, Steven Cohen, R. Schmitt, H. Domanus, J. Rowlan, T. Disz
September 1, 1993 - August 1, 1994

This application models the pouring of a fluidity spiral used to measure the distance metal can flow in a channel before being stopped by… Read more
Quaternion Julia Sets in Virtual Reality
Developers: Daniel J. Sandin, Joe Insley, Louis H. Kauffman, Yumei Dang
January 15, 1993 - December 15, 1995

A Julia Set is the map of the behavior of an equation when its output is fed back into its input (recursive). The equation mapped is z = z2 + k. In… Read more
PINCH Glove as VR Input Device
Developers: Dave Pape, Greg Dawe, Hiroshi Hayakawa, Jim Costigan, Matthew Szymanski
January 1, 1993 - May 15, 1993

Experiments are ongoing using PINCH™ gloves as an interactive input device to the CAVE, ImmersaDesk, PARIS and other virtual reality systems… Read more
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