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Audio Dilation
Developers: John Novak III, Robert Kenyon, Jason Leigh, Aashish Tandon, Jason Archer, Valeriy Shafiro
September 1, 2012 - Ongoing

On-line, real-time audio dilation is a technique that time stretches, or slows down the tempo of audio signals as they are generated. This research… Read more
Developers: Victor Mateevitsi
August 16, 2012 - February 7, 2013

SpiderSense is a wearable device that projects the wearer’s near environment on the skin and allows for directional awareness of objects around… Read more
Electron Density of a Molecular Dataset
Developers: Jason Leigh, Khairi Reda, Electronic Visualization Laboratory; Aslihan Sumer, Juliuis Jellineck, Michael Papka, Argonne National Laboratory
August 1, 2012 - Ongoing

Participants in the CAVE2™ System stand inside a balls-and-sticks model of a molecular chemistry dataset. The clouds represent the density of… Read more
BactoGeNIE, the Bacterial Gene Neighborhood Investigation Environment
Developers: Jillian Aurisano
August 1, 2012 - Ongoing

BactoGeNIE, the Bacterial Gene Neighborhood Investigation Environment, is a genome visualization approach developed at Electronic Visualization… Read more
Developers: Alessandro Febretti
May 16, 2012 - Ongoing

omegalib is middleware designed to ease the development of applications for virtual reality (VR) and immersive display environments. A C++ and Python… Read more
Spaced Out
Developers: Arthur Nishimoto
September 1, 2011 - December 9, 2011

Spaced Out uses a NeuroSky MindWave and Unity3d to generate a model of the Solar System affected by brain waves. Solar flares are triggered by high… Read more
omicron sdk
Developers: Alessandro Febretti, Arthur Nishimoto, Victor Mateevitsi
August 16, 2011 - Ongoing

omicron sdk is an input abstraction and utility library for virtual reality systems, providing access to a variety of input devices, mostly used in… Read more
Reconstructing the Cerebral Vascular Network
Developers: Thomas Marrinan, (Computer Science); Dr. Linninger, Chih Yang Hsu, Ian Gould, (BioEngineering)
June 1, 2011 - May 15, 2013

Researchers from the UIC Departments of Computer Science and BioEngineering propose to develop graphical stereoscopic visual applications for a… Read more
Developers: Daniel J. Sandin, Thomas A. DeFanti, Dick Ainsworth
April 30, 2011 - Ongoing

As a demonstration of cultural heritage, participants can view 360-degree panoramic images of Medinet Habu, the Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III… Read more
Astroshelf: Panning and Zooming the Observable Universe
Developers: G. Elisabeta Marai, Timothy Luciani, B. Cherinka, P. Chrysanthis, A. Conn, R. Hachey, M. Liegey, S. Myers, J. Newman, D. Oliphant, M. Seiler, M. Wood-Vasey
January 1, 2010 - Ongoing

The growing onslaught of astronomical data available presents a great challenge. Astronomy lacks an easy-to-use and scalable way to collect and… Read more
Predictive Computational Models for Orthopaedics
Developers: G. Elisabeta Marai, M. A. Haque
January 1, 2010 - Ongoing

We developed a framework for integrating measured data - such as medical images, tracked motion, and anatomy-book knowledge - into the… Read more
Visual Analysis for Tensors in Computational Turbulent Combustion
Developers: G. Elisabeta Marai, Timothy Luciani, P. Givi, M.A. Haque, A. Maries, M. Nik, P. Pisciuneri, S. L. Yilmaz
January 1, 2010 - Ongoing

Simulation and modeling of turbulent flow, and of turbulent reacting flowin particular, involves solving for and analyzing time-dependent and… Read more
Virtual Reality Environment Assisting Recovery from Stroke
Developers: Daria Tsoupikova, Nikolay Stoykov, Bioengineering, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC), Randy Vick, Art Therapy, School of Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)
October 1, 2009 - Ongoing

Virtual Reality Environment Assisting Recovery from Stroke is a research collaboration between the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, UIC / EVL… Read more
OptIPlanet Cyber-Mashup
Developers: Andrew Johnson, Jason Leigh, Luc Renambot, Maxine Brown
September 1, 2009 - August 31, 2012

STCI: OptIPlanet Cyber-Mashup: Persistent Visualization and Collaboration Services for Global Cyber Infrastructure The goal of this project is to… Read more
Next-Generation CAVE
Developers: Andrew Johnson, Jason Leigh, Maxine Brown, Tom Peterka, Luc Renambot, Lance Long, Jonas Talandis, Daniel Sandin, Alan Verlo
May 1, 2009 - April 30, 2013

The Next-Generation CAVE Virtual Environment, or NG-CAVE, is a scientific instrument that enables researchers to visualize data in a fully immersive… Read more
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