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ImmersaView Launcher
Developers: Allan Spale
July 1, 2003 - November 9, 2004

ImmersaView Launcher is an application that allows a user to run ImmersaView remotely from any computer and transfer the appropriate files from the… Read more
Developers: Brenda Lopez Silva, Luc Renambot, Naveen Krishnaprasad, Shalini Venkataraman
April 30, 2003 - August 30, 2004

The Transitive project was conceived and developed as a means to visualize point-to-point file transfers like those most commonly exchanged on the… Read more
Developers: Chaoyue Xiong, Eric He, Jason Leigh, Venkatram Vishwanath, Tadao Murata
January 1, 2003 - Ongoing

LambdaStream is a transport protocol designed specifically to support gigabit-level streaming, which is required by streaming applications over… Read more
Cryptoclub - Using Mathematics to Make and Break Secret Codes
Developers: Daria Tsoupikova, Janet Beissinger, Vera Pless
January 1, 2003 - August 8, 2008

A new student book to teach mathematics for grades 5-8 entitled Cryptoclub - Using Mathematics to Make and Break Secret Codes is published by AK… Read more
The OptIPuter
Developers: Alan Verlo, Jason Leigh, Luc Renambot, Maxine Brown, Thomas A. DeFanti, Tom Moher, Larry Smarr (CalIT2), Bob Grossman (NCDM / UIC)
October 1, 2002 - September 30, 2007

related url: The OptIPuter is a five-year, $13.9 million National Science Foundation funded project to interconnect… Read more
Machines Assisting Recovery in Stroke (MARS)
Developers: Robert V. Kenyon, Xun Luo, Z. Rymer (PI), A. Halper, J. Hidler, T. G. Hornby, L. Kahn (Northwestern University);D. Kamper, J. Patton (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago);D. Reinkensmeyer (University of California, Irvine)
October 1, 2002 - September 30, 2007

Thanks to the new robotic devices with computer displays, there have been great strides in fundamental research that suggests a promising future in… Read more
Developers: Andrew Johnson, Atul Nayak, Jason Leigh
September 1, 2002 - August 30, 2003

Wiggleview is a tool developed by the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) for visualizing… Read more
The GeoPad Project
Developers: Andrew Johnson, Jason Leigh, Paul Morin / University of Minnesota, Peter Knopp, Ben van der Pluijm, Peter van Keken / University of Michigan, Brian Davis / US Geological Survey
September 1, 2002 - May 15, 2003

The GeoPad project is an extension of the collaboration of geoscientist and computer scientist initiated with the GeoWall Consortium. The focus of… Read more
Reliable Blast UDP
Developers: Eric He, Jason Leigh, Luc Renambot
September 1, 2002 - January 1, 2006

High speed bulk data transfer is an important part of many data-intensive scientific applications. The aggressive bulk data transfer algorithm… Read more
VR Portal
Developers: Geoffrey Allen Baum, Keith Miller, Tim Portlock, Todd Margolis
May 1, 2002 - April 1, 2003

The VR Portal is a configurable virtual reality installation system. The compelling experience is derived from its immersive screen, head-tracked 3D… Read more
MacIntosh AGAVE / GeoWall
Developers: Andrew Johnson, Jason Leigh, Tom Moher
March 1, 2002 - February 28, 2003

The MacIntosh AGAVE / GeoWall consists of a dual 1Ghz PowerPC G4 with 512M RAM and a GeForce 4MX graphics card connected to two InFocus 530… Read more
Real-Time Video View Morphing
Developers: Karl Timm
March 1, 2002 - September 1, 2003

Real-Time Video View Morphing is a real-time virtual video camera application based on view morphing. This system takes video input from multiple… Read more
Developers: Andrew Johnson, Jason Leigh, Luc Renambot, Naveen Krishnaprasad, Nicholas Schwarz, Shalini Venkataraman
January 16, 2002 - January 15, 2005

JuxtaView is a tool designed specifically for scalable tiled displays to visualize extremely high-resolution images. Scientists are finding an… Read more
Effective Use of Large Visualization Displays
Developers: Andrew Johnson, Byungil Jeong, Hyejung Hur, Jason Leigh, Khairi Reda, Luc Renambot, Ratko Jagodic
January 2, 2002 - Ongoing

Global-scale cyberinfrastructure, whether sensor nets or supercomputers, is transforming the way teams of scientists and engineers study and… Read more
Developers: Andrew Johnson, Byungil Jeong, Jason Leigh, Rajvikram Singh
January 1, 2002 - January 1, 2006

TERAVISION is a hardware-assisted, network-enabled “PowerPoint” projector for the Access Grid, enabling anyone to plug a laptop… Read more
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