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Application of Intelligent Signaling and Control of Dynamically Switched Optical Networks
Developers: Alan Verlo, Jason Leigh, Maxine Brown, Ruoyun Yang, Thomas A. DeFanti, Bill Nickless, Mort Rahimi, Tim Ward, Mitch Theys, Joe Mambretti, Andrew Schmidt, Linda Winkler
September 1, 2001 - August 31, 2004

The proposed software development efforts will leverage the significant potential of a newly installed metro optical testbed for application-level… Read more
Immersive Design and Fabrication of Cranial Implants on PARIS™
Developers: Andrew Johnson, Chris Scharver, Jason Leigh, Vaidya Chandrasekhar, Ray Evenhouse, School of Biomedical and Health Information Sciences
September 1, 2001 - August 31, 2006

The Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in cooperation with UIC’s Virtual Reality in… Read more
Remote Data Mining, Visualization and Collaboration on Tera-Nodes
Developers: Jason Leigh, Thomas A. DeFanti, Robert Grossman
August 1, 2001 - September 1, 2005

The goal of this project is to develop advanced data mining, visualization and collaboration technologies that maximize the use of high-speed Gigabit… Read more
Developers: Eric He, Jason Leigh, Javid Alimohideen, Naveen Krishnaprasad
August 1, 2001 - September 1, 2005

Quanta is a cross-platform adaptive networking toolkit that supports the data delivery requirements of interactive and bandwidth-intensive… Read more
Developers: Charles Zhang, Jason Leigh, Rajvikram Singh
August 1, 2001 - August 1, 2002

TeraScope is a massively parallelized set of information visualization tools for Visual Data Mining. TeraScope enables researchers to interactively… Read more
Developers: Allan Spale, Andrew Johnson, Atul Nayak, Chris Scharver, Jason Leigh, Vikas Chowdry
August 1, 2001 - July 30, 2002

Immersaview is an Open Inventor / VRML model viewer for the GeoWall / AGAVE. The data can be a single Inventor model or a flipbook of models that you… Read more
Developers: Charles Zhang, Jason Leigh, Luc Renambot, Venkatram Vishwanath
August 1, 2001 - Ongoing

LambdaRAM (Optically Connected Memory Cache) is an application being developed to address long-haul latency in optical networks. LambdaRAM is a tool… Read more
Personal Varrier™ Autostereo Display
Developers: Daniel J. Sandin, Javier Girado, Jinghua Ge, Robert Kooima, Thomas A. DeFanti, Tom Peterka
August 1, 2001 - August 31, 2005

The Personal Varrier™ display consists of a 30” LCD widescreen display with 2560x1600 native resolution. A photographic film barrier… Read more
Developers: Andrew Johnson, Daniel J. Sandin, Eric He, Greg Dawe, Jason Leigh, Jinghua Ge, Jonas Talandis, Luc Renambot, Shalini Venkataraman, Thomas A. DeFanti
March 1, 2001 - August 1, 2005

The GeoWall, based on AGAVE technology, is low-cost, non-tracked, passive-stereo system that allows distributed audiences to view and interact with… Read more
Collaboration and Visualization over High Speed Networks
Developers: Andrew Johnson, Chris Scharver, Dave Pape, Jason Leigh, Javier Girado, Kyoung Shin Park, Michael Lewis, Naveen Krishnaprasad, Yongjoo Cho, T. Imai, R. Fang, Y. Lin, T. Portlock, B. Silva, L. Wang, J. Eliason, J. Ge, E. He, A. Nayak, S. Venkatamaran
March 1, 2001 - February 28, 2003

This research focuses on the development of Tele-immersive (collaborative virtual reality) applications, the middleware (software infrastructure)… Read more
Image-based Measurements and Models
Developers: G. Elisabeta Marai
January 1, 2001 - Ongoing

With appropriate tools, models of small structures that are currently not measurable directly can be inferred from medical image data. We introduced… Read more
Developers: Jason Leigh, Maxine Brown, Thomas A. DeFanti, International Center for Advanced Internet Research (iCAIR) at Northwestern University, Mathematics and Computer Science Division at Argnonne National Laboratory, CANARIE, SURFnet
October 1, 2000 - September 1, 2006

StarLight℠; the optical STAR TAP™, is an advanced optical infrastructure and proving ground for network services optimized for… Read more
AGAVE (Access Grid Autostereo Virtual Environment)
Developers: Daniel J. Sandin, Eric He, Greg Dawe, Jason Leigh, Jinghua Ge, Jonas Talandis, Shalini Venkataraman, Thomas A. DeFanti, Todd Margolis
September 1, 2000 - August 31, 2005

AGAVE (pronounced agavay) is a panel-based, head-tracked, barrier-strip auto-stereographic display, where the viewer does not wear stereo glasses… Read more
The CAVEGui Project
Developers: Daniel J. Sandin, Dave Pape, Joshua Eliason
January 1, 2000 - May 1, 2001

CAVEGui: is a graphical user interface tool that provides interaction with a CAVE application, sensor rotation and translation along with controller… Read more
The Continuum Project
Developers: Andrew Johnson, Chris Rosenthal, Chris Scharver, Eric He, Gideon Goldman, Jason Leigh, Jonas Talandis, Kyoung Shin Park, Michael Lewis, Naveen Krishnaprasad, Shalini Venkataraman, Atul Nayak, Jinghua Ge, Brenda Silva, Joshua Eliason, Tomoko Imai, Abhinav Kapoor, Nikita Sawant, Ben Goldstein
January 1, 2000 - January 1, 2003

The goal of the Continuum Project is to develop integrated ubiquitous tools and environments and to study how these tools can be used to enhance… Read more
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