a computer generated short feature

"A Small Comfort" is a story of life, death, transformation and regeneration. An imprisoned woman gazes through the window of her cell at a surreal landscape filled with gently undulating life forms. She dreams of freedom, but even more so, for a companion to ease her solitude. Through a mysterious process she is transformed into a cat and her freedom is granted. However, while free she commits an act of violence against one of the environment's inhabitants. Her freedom is taken from her again, but she does get her companion, the "small comfort".

The models were created in Softimage and my Interactive Object Transformation Animator. It was animated and rendered in Softimage. The soundtrack was written and performed by Pamela Bublitz and recorded by Brian Jensen at Streeterville Studios Inc. in Chicago.

The Woman

The woman stands alone in her bleak cell, looking out onto a world filled with undulating organic life. She yearns for freedom, but even more so, for a companion to ease her solitude.

The Critter

The critter is an inhabitant of this strange world. It lives in a pod and pops out when it sees something interesting. A curious, trusting, friendly creature, it is doomed by its nature.

The Cat

The cat is a beautiful, deadly killer. This strange world holds many opportunities for her to stalk and hunt. Is she a part of this world, or just a projection of the woman?


Each image is a page of the storyboard for the animation. The pages are in sequential order.

Animation Clips!

SGI Movie, 2.4 MB

MPEG Movie, 94 Kb


  • The Fourth Annual New York Digital Salon, November 1996
  • The 6th International Student Film Festival, Israel, June 1996