ORGWORLD is a virtual reality experience that is exhibited on EVL's ImmersaDesk(TM). ORGWORLD brings static objects to life, in the process making them living creatures by giving them motion, behavior, and distinct personalities. They live in environments that reflect their nature. Virtual Reality is an appropriate medium for this, due to its qualities of immersiveness and interactivity. The user is actually placed within the world of the creatures, rather than passively observing them. While in this world, their actions affect the behavior of the creatures, and the creatures influence what the user does.

The Central Universe

This is where it all begins. The user travels across a glistening undulating web through softly falling starflakes. When they approach and enter any of the three ghostly shapes, they are transported to a new world where the shape comes alive. The following images show each creature's portal to its world, the journey there, and the creature in its environment.

Manatees: the Gregarious

The Manatees are friendly, happy creatures. These aquatic animals come to the surface and descend into the water. The journey to their world is from underwater, from the dark bubbly depths into a world of sky, sea, and Manatees. While the Manatees are surfacing and descending, they are also undulating back and forth to make a wave-like shape, which echoes the waves in the water surrounding them. If the participant is in close proximity to a Manatee, the Manatee surfaces and follows them around, conversing with them.

Tentacles: the Hostile

The Tentacles are hostile and unfriendly. After a jarring journey through a swirling spiral, you enter the harsh land where they live. It is dry and barren except for the Tentacles sticking up from the ground. At first their motion is almost imperceptible, but the closer the participant gets to them, the more agitated they become, writhing faster and faster. When the approach is too close, they begin to fire projectiles at the participant's head. This causes most people to back away very quickly, as we have no defenses against them.

Slinkies: the Indifferent

The Slinkies are largely indifferent to the presence of people, being more preoccupied with their current predicament. After flying through the clouds, the participant is slammed into the brick cubicle in which the Slinkies are trapped. In this claustrophobic place they mindlessly pace up and down the walls, unable to escape. The user is able to float up and down in the cube and navigate within the space, but they are trapped within the walls of the environment, just like the Slinkies.