Memories of the Late 20th Century

7/97 Margaret M. Rawlings

Clutch Cargo, Mighty Mouse, and Dr. Kildare.
Who is Number One?
Skippy, Fizzies, and Wonder Bread.
Opie, Lucy and Uncle Jed.
The Grand Prize Game.

I have a dream of what you can do for your country.
Where have all the flowers gone?
Get your teeth their whitest.
A little dab will do ya.
One small step for mankind.
Mod Squad, Pepper, Charlie's girls.
Sock it to me, far out, groovy, and cool.

Hair, Tommy, the Rocky Horror.
Cigarettes, no cigarettes.
Pot, no pot.
Hell no, we won't go.
Beatles and the Rolling Stones.
Is Humble Pie on yet?
Live, from New York.
May the force be with you.

Charlie M., Dahmer, OJ, a Speck of dust.
No more bras, no more draft, no more fat.
Watergate, Whitewater, is it Memorex?
Boomers, Yuppies, and Generation X.
Sonic boom, Concorde, shuttle, space stations.
A trip to the moon, a trip to Mars, a trip to Roswell.
The truth is out there. Just do it. Make it so.