Mohammed Dastagir Ali
                                                            Home Address:
                                                        1628 Autumncrest Dr
                                                             Crystal Lake
                                                       Office: (815) - 477 -8498



Seeking a challenging position in Software Design and Development utilizing my background in
Collaborative Virtual Reality  and Computer Graphics.


Over 2 years of Software development experience. Contributed in all phases of Software life cycle including analysis, design, coding, implementation and maintenance. Work experience in Virtual Reality, Computer Networks, Computer Graphics . Technical expertise includes Object Oriented design and development, UNIX(Process control, IPC, socket Programming, RPC), C/C++, Smalltalk, Visual C++, Motif, Performer, VRML and GUI development. Self motivated collaborative team player with ability to coordinate and communicate with others. Keen to learn and implement new methods and strategies. Interest in exploring new technologies leading to development of new products.


        M.S., Computer Science,University Of Illinois at Chicago(GPA 4.7/5.0).

        B.S., Computer Science , Osmania University , Hyderabad , India(Aug 96).

Computer Skills


Professional Experience

[Electronics Visualization Laboratory] May ?97 - Present

University of Illinois at Chicago

Research Assistant


System Administrator Jan?97 - July?97

[SCAILAB ( Student computer aided instructional Lab) ]

University of Illinois at Chicago


Software Developer Jan?96 - Dec?96

[Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Regional Research Labs]



Programmer Feb?95 - Nov?96

[Computer Corporation]





Master's Project:
                                                Working on developing an interface library for the CAVE using CAVERN(Collaborative VR networking library). This interface would allow users to add support for "Avatars"(remote users collaborating in CAVE environment) in a VR environment.. It will be used to add TeleImmersive support for "Ear Demo" project. In this Project a physician will use the CAVE to visualize the details of a human ear. Several physicians could remotely connect to this VR environment and visualize the ear, give suggestions and deliberate on the appropriate treatment in real time. This project is being implemented in C++, OpenGL, using CAVE and CAVERN networking libraries






Relevant Coursework

Object Oriented Programming Artificial Intelligence I Computer Graphics I

Distributed Software Engineering Artificial Intelligence II Computer Graphics II

UNIX network Programming.


Available upon request