Concept by: Hisham Bizri and Maria Roussos
Art Direction: Hisham Bizri, Maria Roussos, Alan Cruz
Technical Direction: Maria Roussos
Senior Modelers: Hisham Bizri and Alan Cruz
Modeler: Joseph Alexander
Animator: Alan Cruz
Software design and implementation: Dave Pape
Programmers:Tomoko Imai, Alan Millman, Dave Pape, Maria Roussos
group photographs

- presentations & press -

  • Virtual Worlds '98 conference, paper presentation, Paris, France, July 1-3, 1998.
  • Virtuality and Interactivity, MediARTech '98 , Florence, Italy, March 23-29, 1998 (I-Desk).
  • Virtual Spaces, an ISEA '97 allied event Gallery 400, Chicago IL, September 15-27, 1997 (I-Desk & CAVE).
  • ThinkQuest '97, L'Enfant Plaza, Washington DC, November 20-24 1997 (I-Desks).

    mitologies at gallery 400

    Video and press features:

  • SIGGRAPH '98, Technical Slide Set.
  • Anim World'98, China.
  • Electronic Fields, Illinois Art Gallery, March 31 - May 29 1998 (video)
  • Digital Video Magazine, March 1997
  • Leonardo journal (upcoming artist statements section).


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    - SOUND -

    Richard Wagner, excerpts from the complete opera Der Ring des Nibelungen ,
    Vienna Philharmonic, Sir Georg Solti, The Decca Record Company, London 1965.

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    The Apocalypse of St. John the Apostle
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