: Abstract

Human being is, regardless of time and space over the history, destined to be a creature that exists in the circumstances where interactions with one another and the rest of the world are essential. In Omniuum, the relationship among human beings lived based on mutuality will be visualized by blurring the boundaries of time and space to represent the nature of a space-time continuum of the universe.

: Concept

Omniuum is an interactive installation for visualizing spatiotemporal narratives. It includes a space where a viewer is surrounded by screens and perceives the image erased by watching the disappearing montages of him/her self. It signifies the effect of bringing time into space by reminding the viewer of a moment that has gone into the past and imagining a moment that will come up at the present. Omniuum is also intended to express the relationship between self (viewer) and non-self (audience). Deconstructed images of the viewer are neutralized by the construction of viewer´s images by audience. This implies that the human-being is destined to be a creature who, purposely or not, exists and visible or invisible by outside world with an endless interplay.

: Tech

Installation has four screens in parallel and each screen 20” x 60” is made of the lightweight materials. There are two infrared wireless cameras each side of screens that connect video projectors, reflecting viewers interactive montages onto the screen. Both sides are driven by two separate Mac G5 computers, which requires Cocoa Image application as well as Quartz Composer in it to visualize transformed images in real time. The PING)))™ultrasonic sensors implemented back side of the infrared cameras enable audience outside to interact with viewer inside.

: Installation Details

Screen Dimensions: 20” x 60” each
Projection dimensions: 95” x 50”
Space required: a dark room
2 Infrared cameras, 2 Ultrasonic Sensors