Creators: Dave Pape, Deb Lowman

Description: An architectural walk-through of a new design for the interior of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

At the beginning, the CAVE is moved along a prerecorded flightpath through the exchange. When this ends, you can navigate with the wand.
The joystick controls navigation. Pushing it forward/backward moves the CAVE forward/backward in the direction pointed by the wand; pushing it left/right turns the CAVE.
Button 2 switches between walking and flying mode. In walking mode, your feet are always on the floor. In flying mode, you can move in any direction.
Button 3 switches between the two data sets. The first data set is a simpler version (no trader booths) which has a higher frame rate and is better for navigation; the second data set includes all the geometry.

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Last modified 22 April 1996.
Dave Pape,