CAVE Photos

Photos of CAVEs, ImmersaDesks, and related systems

CAVE parts - miscellaneous components of CAVEs and ImmersaDesks

AEC - the Ars Electronica Center

CABIN - the 5-wall CABIN at Tokyo University

COSMOS - the 6-wall COSMOS in Gifu, Japan

Nissho - the Nissho AV Showroom in Tokyo

Joypolis - the Sega BOX, at the Tokyo Joypolis

ICC - the NTT InterCommunication Center's CAVE, in Tokyo

IDesk3 - the ImmersaDesk3

Telecube - the Telecube prototype

PARIS - the PARIS prototype

Miscellaneous - random photos

Panoram - a Panoram system, running CAVE apps

C6 - Iowa State University VRAC's C6

Last modified 23 June 2000.
Dave Pape,