Known bugs/features of CAVE lib 2.5

When using OpenGL, the CAVE windows may be opened above the top of the screen (and hence seem to not be opened at all). To avoid this, make sure that you do not have a line such as
  4DWm*positionOnScreen:         false
in your .Xdefaults.

Pre-2.4 versions of the library did not check for unknown wall names in the WallDisplay configuration, causing them to trash part of the config struct when a unrecognized wall name was read. This means that WallDisplay information for such things as the simulator wall should come before the front/left/floor WallDisplay data in the system config file, so that the mangled data will be corrected.

The Triple Keyboard Option (which switched the displays from (:0.0,:0.1,:0.2) to (:0.0,:1.0,:2.0)) causes some applications to now open all their windows on the same display. This happens when an application calls an IrisGL function (such as getgdesc()) before CAVEInit().
Known causes: getgdesc, gversion, getbutton, getvaluator, foreground, blanktime, scrnselect, prefsize, prefposition, setbell

"Units" and "CAVEScale" configuration options do not work with Screen7 (the Immersadesk).
Fixed in 2.5.3.

"DefaultTrackerPosition" is not transformed if non-default "Units" or "CAVEScale" are set.
Fixed in 2.5.6e.

Networking bugs:

If /usr/local/CAVE/bin/mplock is not installed, the option "CPUlock y" will cause all display processes and the tracking process to run on CPU 1.
Fixed in 2.5.6e

In the pfCAVE libraries, CAVEGetVector() returns the wrong result for UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT vectors. This results in an incorrect stereo perspective when the head roll angle is non-zero.
Fixed in 2.5.6f

The HMD projections (left_eye & right_eye) are incorrect in the 2.5.6 pfCAVE library.
Fixed in 2.5.6f

Last modified 2 February 1997.
Dave Pape,