Known bugs/features of CAVE lib 2.6

(and relevant SGI bugs)

Tracking data is not updated when running with no walls.
To be fixed in 2.6g

Disabling the CAVE_PROJ_USEMODELVIEW option (via CAVESetOption()) in the draw process will result in an incorrect projection - the ModelView matrix is not properly reset.
Fixed in 2.6a

Performer's XWindow visual selection may inappropriately eliminate stereo if it fails to get the requested framebuffer configuration. This shows up mostly on systems which do not have enough RMs for both stereo and multisampling.
Fixed in 2.6c

Performer fails to create borderless windows in 64-bit mode.
Fixed in 2.6d

Tracker orientation data is broadcast in the wrong order in network mode, in the pfCAVE libraries.
Fixed in 2.6d

When CAVEGetVector() and CAVEGetSensorVector() return vectors in navigated coordinates, the vectors are affected by the navigation's scaling factor - i.e., if a scale factor has been applied, the vectors will not be of unit length.
Fixed in 2.6e

pfcave version 2.6e or earlier freezes on multi-pipe displays under Performer 2.2.
Fixed in 2.6f

The CAVE header files (cave.h, etc) include both <sys/types.h> and <inttypes.h>. Under IRIX 5.3, these header files conflict, causing compiles to fail.
To be fixed
(can be fixed now by simply removing <inttypes.h> from cave.h and cave_ogl.h.

/usr/local/CAVE/bin/mplock may cause a system hang if SGI patch 2119 is installed.
Fixed by SGI patch 2187.

Performer 2.1, 2.0.2, and 2.0.3 do not work correctly in multi-pipe mode with triple-keyboard style systems.
Fixed by SGI patch 1696.

Performer appears to serialize the DRAW processes for different pipes when the system is configured "triple-keyboard-option" style. This has been observed on an Onyx2 with both Performer 2.1 and 2.2; other systems are probably also affected.
Fix: run in single-keyboard mode

On Infinite Reality systems, if a display window is of size 2560 x 800 pixels (or something close to that), there is a projection bug which can incorrectly clip polygons that are parallel to the projection plane. This has shown up in multi-channel IR CAVEs (which can create windows of that size); typically, a triangular section of ground polygons will randomly disappear in the floor display. The workaround is to lay out the pipe's channels in portrait, rather than landscape, mode.

When using OpenGL, the CAVE windows may be opened above the top of the screen (and hence seem to not be opened at all). To avoid this, make sure that you do not have a line such as

  4DWm*positionOnScreen:         false
in your .Xdefaults.

The Triple Keyboard Option (which switches the displays from (:0.0,:0.1,:0.2) to (:0.0,:1.0,:2.0)) causes some IrisGL applications to open all their windows on the same display. This happens when an application calls an IrisGL function (such as getgdesc()) before CAVEInit().
Known causes: getgdesc, gversion, getbutton, getvaluator, foreground, blanktime, scrnselect, prefsize, prefposition, setbell

Last modified 26 October 1998.
Dave Pape,