Changes in CAVE Library Version 2.4

OpenGL & IrisGL versions

For OpenGL, #include cave_ogl.h instead of cave.h (or #define OPENGL before including cave.h), link with -lcave_ogl -lGL -lX11 -lgl_s -lm, and add "*OpenCAVE*clientDecoration: none" to .Xdefaults

New functions

Simulator merged with CAVE library

There are three distinct, independent parts to the simulator: the tracking (added in 2.3), the wand, and the display. These can be selected in the configuration using the TrackerType, Wand, Wall, and Simulator options.

Simulator wand: Simulates pc wand's joystick & buttons using spacebar & mouse. Selected by "wand simulator" in configuration.

Simulator display: selected using "Walls simulator" configuration (WallDisplay can of course be used to define the simulator window's geometry). This generates a display like that of the old simulator, although without a "wall-view" mode (mode 1 is perspective, mode 2 is outside-view). The SimulatorControls configuration option can be used to remap the display controls by giving a list of 15 keys (using their GL device names) which are to be used for the various simulator display commands.

'Full simulator' mode: the configuration option "Simulator y" is a convenience option which enables all the simulator features. It is equivalent to "Walls simulator","WallDisplay simulator -1 window", "TrackerType simulator", & "Wand simulator". The flag CAVEConfig->Simulator will be set to 1 if this option is selected; it will be 0 if "simulator n" is given or no "simulator" option is given at all.


The Immersadesk is supported as a new wall named "desk", which can be used in the Walls and WallDisplay configurations. The geometry of the screen must be defined in the config file using the "DeskCorners" option.

The Logitech tracker is selected by the configuration "TrackerType logitech". "Wand logitech" is also available (and should be used when the logitech tracker is used) for reading the Logitech mouse's buttons. The CAVEBUTTON4 macro was added for Logitech mouse's 4th button.

Other configuration changes


Internal changes

Last modified 23 January 1995.
Dave Pape,