Changes in CAVE Library Version 2.5 (installed 29 August 1995)


Simple multicast networking has been added. When networking is enabled, a separate process will be started to handle it. The CAVE's tracking and wand data will be regularly broadcast to all other CAVEs in its multicast group. Pointers to the data received from the other CAVEs will be stored in the array CAVEUser. The tracking data which is broadcast is in navigated, world coordinates, so applications should use the CAVENav functions for their navigation to have all the CAVEs share a common coordinate system.

The functions CAVENetSend() and CAVENetReceive() can be used to broadcast and receive application data. Callback functions can be defined to be called when a new CAVE joins the group, a CAVE leaves the group, or application data is received.

Other related functions available are:

To use networking, a configuration such as the following should be used:

Network y
NetworkPort 5302
NetworkAppPort 5303
NetworkTTL 4
NetworkUpdateInterval .05

New/Changed Functions

New Tracker Configuration

Other Configuration Changes


Last modified 20 July 1995.
Dave Pape,