Marx Brothers CD-ROMs

There seem to be just two or three Marx-related CD-ROMs available on the web (it's hard to tell, as the information provided on stores' pages is very sparse).

One CD which should now be available (it was scheduled for release 2/14/97) is The Unknown Marx Brothers. It is based on the documentary film of the same title. See Indelible Ink for a review of the disc. It is available on-line at: also lists a Marx Brothers CD-ROM which might be the same as The Unknown Marx Brothers, although there isn't enough information to tell.

A second CD-ROM is Comedy Classics Desktop Entertainment Software. This disc contains video clips, images, sound clips, and PC desktop toys for Windows 95. It includes material from the Marx Brothers, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and others. It can be bought from Questar, Inc.

Disclaimers: The companies listed here were found from random searching on Yahoo and other sites. I am not associated in any way with any of them. I have not ordered from all of them, and make no claims whatsoever as to their quality/speed/reputability/etc. The only criteria for being listed here were that they carry Marx Brothers merchandise, and that they provide some sort of database searcher in order to find it.

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Last modified 22 February 1997.
Dave Pape,