The Big Store

MGM, 1941


Wolf J. Flywheel - Groucho Marx
Ravelli - Chico Marx
Wacky - Harpo Marx
Kitty - Henry Armetta
Guiseppi - Anna Demetrio
Mr. Grover - Douglass Dumbrille
Martha Phelps - Margaret Dumont
George Hastings - Russell Hicks
Fred Sutton - Marion Martin
Tommy Rogers - Tony Martin
Peggy Arden - Virginia O'Brien
Arthur Hastings - Bradley Page
Maria - Paul Stanton
Virginia Grey

Directed by Charles F. Riesner

Music by George E. Stoll

Written by Hal Fimberg, Ray Golden, Sid Kuller, & Nat Perrin

Edited by Conrad A. Nervig

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