Stage Door Canteen



Harpo Marx
Edgar Bergen
Ray Bolger
Helen Hayes
Katharine Hepburn
George Jessel
Peggy Lee
Aline MacMahon
Paul Muni
Merle Oberon
"Jersey" Wallace - Fred Brady
"Texas" - Sunset Carson
Ella Sue - Margaret Early
Mamie - Dorothea Kent
"California" - Lon McAllister
Australian - Patrick O'Moore
Dishwasher - George Raft
Jean Rule - Marjorie Riordan
Lillian - Marion Shockley
Ed "Dakota" Smith - William Terry
Eileen - Cheryl Walker

Directed by Frank Borzage

Cinematography by Harry J. Wild

Music by James V. Monaco Frederic E. Rich

Written by Delmer Daves

Produced by Sol Lesser

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Last modified 19 September 1995
Dave Pape,