Dave's Stuff

CAVE info - information about the CAVE library and related software.

Software Archive - a collection of miscellaneous SGI and CAVE programs and libraries, and their documentation.

VRML demos - some VRML scenes from CAVE applications, the JASON project, and other stuff.

Earth data - images of the Earth (in map form) collected from various visualization projects

Projects - descriptions of past projects.

Gallery - a collection of images and animations from past work.

Marxist Propaganda - Marx Brothers info


Dave is a PhD student in the Electronic Visualization Laboratory of the UIC EECS Department. His work at EVL consists primarily of developing and maintaining the CAVE library, the basic software for driving the CAVE virtual reality system. Once in a while, he also documents it.

Note: These web pages are now GIF-free.

Last modified 4 November 1999
Dave Pape, pape@evl.uic.edu