CAVE applications in VRML 2.0

This area contains some examples of CAVE VR applications which have been translated into VRML 2.0 scenes. The starting point is a room containing several doors. Each door is a link to a specific CAVE application. There are no links back from the applications to the starting room. These models were originally in VRML 1.0; hence, they have no dynamics or interaction beyond hyper-linking. All of the files are gzip compressed.

These scenes have been tested locally using the 1.0 version of SGI's CosmoPlayer, on an Indigo2 Max Impact. If you find any problems loading them remotely, or with another viewer, please inform me (

Warning: Some of the applications are very large, and probably aren't worth loading on slower machines. See the notes below for information on the size of each scene.

The CAVE worlds

Starting room (texture mapped)

Starting room (without textures)

Shortcuts to the applications themselves:

Credits & Scene Notes

by Mihailo Alic & Dave Adamczyk. Contains 2300 triangles; 25 kilobytes + 46 kilobytes of textures.

by Dave Swoboda. 3200 triangles; 20K. Low-res version: 1400 triangles; 9K.

by Dave Pape. 770 triangles; 3K + 34K textures.

by Paul Neumann. Head & skull data provided by Cyberware Laboratory Inc. 48000 triangles in 3 scenes; 128K / 335K / 1.33Meg.

JASON Project
by Dave Pape. 12500 triangles; 210K; in 3 scenes.

Let's Ski
by Marek Czernuszenko. 9400 triangles; 54K + 101K textures.

by Jon Goldman & Craig Barnes. 9000 triangles; 110K.

by George Francis, Glen Chappell, & Chris Hartman. 720 triangles; 13K.

Vomit Mountain
by Jason Leigh. 3700 triangles; 63K. Low-res version: 900 triangles; 18K.
VRML conversions by Dave Pape, Marek Czernuszenko, and Paul Neumann.
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