VRML 1.0 scenes related to the JASON Project.

JASON globe

This scene consists of a globe with markers indicating the locations of JASON Project expeditions (magenta) and organizations associated with the Project (green). Some of the markers are links to other VRML scenes or Web pages corresponding to that location.
This is very preliminary, and will be expanded eventually.

JASON globe (with high-res texture)

JASON globe (wireframe + sphere)

Some other scenes

3d map of Belize (7200 triangles, 224 KB)

Blue Creek cave system (2400 triangles, 44 KB)

Mayan ruins (2500 triangles, 34 KB)

The JASON ROV (2492 triangles, 45 KB)

Medea (572 triangles, 9 KB)

Turtle (6019 triangles, 162 KB)

Laney Chouest (1610 triangles, 32 KB)

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