.cgi vs .wrl

The VRML maps are generated on the fly by a CGI script. Thus, the URL that you get ends with the extension '.cgi' rather than '.wrl'. The output of the CGI script is marked with 'Content-type: x-world/x-vrml', which is the standard HTTP method for identifying a VRML file. Based on some of the email I've received, it seems that some web browsers may not be speaking HTTP correctly; they only look at the '.cgi' extension of the URL, and don't realize that the file is in fact VRML. The only suggestions I can give for this problem are to look for a way to configure your browser correctly, or to save the map as a local file, give it a '.wrl' extension, and then run your VRML viewer on that file.

Last modified 23 January 1996.
Dave Pape, pape@evl.uic.edu