Activity-Centered Domain Characterization for Problem-Driven Scientific Visualization

January 1st, 2018

Categories: Applications, Visualization, Visual Analytics, Visual Informatics, Human Computer Interaction (HCI)


Marai, G.E.


Although visualization design models exist in the literature in the form of higher-level methodological frameworks, these models do not present a clear methodological prescription for the domain characterization step. This work presents a framework and end-to-end model for requirements engineering in problem-driven visualization application design. The framework and model are based on the activity-centered design paradigm, which is an enhancement of human-centered design. The proposed activity-centered approach focuses on user tasks and activities, and allows an explicit link between the requirements engineering process with the abstraction stage-and its evaluation-of existing, higher-level visualization design models. In a departure from existing visualizationdesign models, the resulting model: assigns value to a visualization based on user activities; ranks user tasks before the user data; partitions requirements in activity-related capabilities and nonfunctional characteristics and constraints; and explicitly incorporates the user workflows into the requirements process. A further merit of this model is its explicit integration of functional specifications, a concept this work adapts from the software engineering literature, into the visualization design nested model. A quantitative evaluation using two sets of interdisciplinary projects supports the merits of the activity-centered model. The result is a practical roadmap to the domain characterization step of visualization design for problem-driven data visualization. Following this domain characterization model can help remove a number of pitfalls that have been identified multiple times in the visualization design literature.

Index Terms - Design studies, Tasks and requirements analysis, Visualization models, Domain characterization, Activity-centered design, Functional specifications

[VIS17 Preview] Activity-Centered Domain Characterization for Problem-Driven Scientific Visualization from VGTCommunity on Vimeo.





Marai, G.E., Activity-Centered Domain Characterization for Problem-Driven Scientific Visualization, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, vol 24, January 1st, 2018.