The Hand
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The Character Modeling Process

The Hand

The hands design is based on some character sketches. The hands have four fingers; the standard number for cartooning. The paper design was easy, but it took almost an entire week to define the correct splines for the curvature of the palm and the back of the hand.

Even now, the hand seems thinner than it should be. The main problem with tweaking this surface is that all of the construction histroy is tied into four vertical cylinders, which I used to trim the knuckle holes in the hand.Moving control vertices can only help so much.

WHere blends are concerned, you have to edit the trim curve or your end spline on the next surface to change the blends size/shape. You can attempt to change it by pulling control vertices, but thos will only warp the blend, not rebuild it in the proper manner.

Fully rendered hand. Isn't it cute!

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