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AD406 Introduction to 3-Dimensional Modeling
Tuesday and Thursday 9:00am - 11:40am
ALH 3111 - Newspace
Instructor: Ralph De Stefano

Prerequisite: One semester of AD408 or equivalent experience.

3-Dimensional computer modeling has become a strong tool for design in architecture, sculpture, industrial design, film production and scientific visualization. In the past, models were built of clay, balsa wood, plastics, and foam core. While these are noble materials for pre-visualizing finished work, they offered very little in the event a design needed to be changed and updated. Unlike real material design of 3-Dimensional objects, 3-Dimensional computer modeling offers the designer/artist an infinite amount of flexibility to revamp, redesign, and update their models interactively in real-time. Modeling flexibility offers the artist a great opportunity for experimentation in designing sculptural forms, while the independent placement of viewpoints(virtual cameras) and lights allows for ultimate freedom in composing and exposing the artists vision. You will never have to fight daylight for that perfect shot again.

This course will explore concepts in 3-Dimensional modeling. Topics of discussion will include NURBs modeling, materials and shader design, concepts in composition and lighting, and rendering. This course will use Alias|Wavefront PowerAnimator version 8.5 as it's primary tool for design and discussion, however the concepts are applicable to most any 3-Dimensional modeling environment.


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